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In 1871, at the formation of Reading Football Club, we played in hoops.
This lasted for only a few years, and upon entering the Southern League in 1894 the Club was playing in stripes - possibly so we didn't clash with other teams who were already in the Southern League and who also wore hoops. 
But the hoops reappeared shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, because numbering of shirts became compulsory in 1939, and the numbers were easier to see against a hooped background. Since then we've had several more changes. 
In the mid-1960s we changed the shirts to sky blue, following the fashion introduced by Coventry City.  That remained until 1969, when we returned to hoops under the orders of manager of Jack Mansell. 
We have remained in a variety of hooped shirts ever since, apart from the mid-1980s when we played in blue and white panels before our hoops returned in 1992.