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Golden Gamble

The Golden Gamble is our half time draw, with cash prizes of up to £2,000!  We also have consolation prizes of fully signed Reading FC footballs.
All profits made from the draw go to our Reading FC Community Trust scheme. You must be 16 or over to enter. 

If a prize is not claimed on matchday, or to find out winning numbers from previous seasons, contact / 0118 968 1480.

Previous winners...

Cash winner: V Jerome (£550)
Winning number: 1938

Ball winner: Unclaimed
Winning number: 1372

Drawn by: Keith McPherson

Cash winner: Garry Griffin, Caversham (£570)
Winning number: 2092

Ball winner: Tom Neal, Bracknell
Winning number: 2836

Drawn by: Paul Bence

Cash winner: Kevin Walters, Reading (£360)
Winning number: 2732

Ball winner: Unclaimed
Winning number: 1501

Drawn by: Jerry Williams

Cash winner: D Moir, Reading (£625)
Winning number: 1046

Ball winner: Christine Shaikh, Reading   
Winning number: 3080

Drawn by: Sir John Madejski

Cash winner: Unclaimed (£275)
Winning number: 2411

Ball winner: Magda Junqueria, Swindon    
Winning number: 2798

Drawn by: Queensley

Cash winner: C Jacobs, Bracknell (£650)
Winning number: 2413

Ball winner: Unclaimed
Winning number: 1090

Drawn by: Paul Holsgrove

Cash winner: Unclaimed (£625)
Winning number: 2082

Ball winner: Unclaimed
Winning number: 1313

Drawn by: Lawrie Sanchez

Cash winner: Jason Lunnon, Henley on Thames (£280)
Winning number: 2132

Ball winner: Keith Payne, Tilehurst
Winning number: 2906

Drawn by: Mark Matthews