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Supporters' Trust at Reading


Supporters' Trust At Reading (STAR) is a non-profit making, democratically accountable Supporters’ Trust registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Staffed and organised by volunteer Reading FC supporters, their formal title is Reading Football Supporters’ Society Limited and they are the successor to the Reading Football Supporters’ Club (est. 1930).

Supporters’ Trust at Reading (STAR) is a fans’ organisation founded in 2002.  It is the successor to Reading Football Supporters’ Club, which began life in 1930, and is the recognised organisation for supporters of Reading FC.  It is run independently of the football club by a board of volunteers.  Last season (2016-17) nearly 1,900 Reading fans were STAR members. 

What does STAR aim to do?

  • To encourage the football club to take proper account of supporters’ and the community’s interests in the decisions that it reaches;
  • To provide affordable travel to assist supporters to travel to Reading FC first team away matches;
  • To organise social events and forums for supporters;
  • To promote, encourage and further the game of football as a focus for community involvement;
  • To benefit the community served by the football club and strengthen the bonds between the community and the football club;
  • To promote the full, accountable democratic and constructive involvement of supporters in the direction of the football club;
  • To develop links with supporters of other football clubs in the furtherance of enjoyment of the game for all supporters;
  • To connect and support exiled Reading FC fans;
  • To support and sustain the heritage of Reading FC.

The STAR membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June each year to mirror the football season.

For 2017-18 membership costs remain at £10 for adults and £5 for under 18s and those over 65. Renewals or new membership applications for 2017-18 season can be made in following ways…

Online - click here
By post – see below 
In person – at the STAR Base outside the East Stand (opposite Gate 7)

If applying in person or by post, please download the membership application form by clicking here. Once completed, either take it with you or post it together with appropriate payment to: STAR Membership Sec, 5 Chapel Lane, Riseley, Reading RG7 1QU. 

Collecting Your Members Pack
We try and process your application promptly and usually within 7 days. If applying online and you live local to Reading you will be given the opportunity to collect your Membership card and benefits pack from the STAR base at the next home match.

This invitation to collect will be sent in an email from the Online Membership team, along with your membership number, after your application has been processed.

If you live outside the Reading area you will be sent your membership card and benefits pack by Royal Mail post.

During the main renewal period ahead of the start of a new season, due to the volume of applications Membership packs will be ready for collection from the STAR HQ at the first home game or on special evenings to be arranged for coach bookings. If you live outside the Reading area and cannot collect, these will be sent by post.

Your STAR Membership benefits include: 

  • Fans Forums - Free entry to popular question and answer evenings with key RFC personnel three times a season. 
  • Away Travel - STAR runs coaches to all first-team league and cup away games. Pick-ups at the Stadium and West Street. 
  • Magazine and Email Bulletins – once a year ‘Reading Matter’ magazine and regular (fortnightly) email STAR Bulletins with informative and useful updates
  • 10% Discount for one shopping trip at the Madejski Stadium Megastore on all non-sale purchases. (So, if you spend £100, you have already got the cost of your membership back!) 
  • 20 Ticketing Points added to your Reading Membership account 
  • One free entry to the STAR Predictor competition with several cash prizes

Throughout the football season we organise a number of our own Fans’ Events as well as support events held by other organisations, like the Former Players Association and the Collectors and Historians. Normally all STAR organised events are free to members.

Our most popular events are the Fans’ Forums and the annual Hall of Fame presentation. The Fans’ Forums are evening sessions where members can have an opportunity to hear and question Reading FC staff and players, past and present, on a range of topics in an informal atmosphere away from the match day pressures.

Once a year STAR hosts the Reading FC Hall of Fame evening at which a number of greats are inducted into the Hall of Fame in a celebration of the long history of the club.


STAR Travel provide coach travel to all away matches, both league and cup, departing from either the Madejski Stadium opposite the STAR Base – or from West Street outside Primark in Reading, using a fleet of modern coaches. 

The STAR Travel team can be contacted either by the Travel Enquiry line on 07919 931716 between 6pm and 8pm (not for bookings) or by email at

Making a Coach Booking 
Currently all bookings are being taken on match days in the STAR Base behind the East Stand, opposite Gate 7.  Coach bookings can only be made in person and cannot be made by email or over the phone.  We will be open before the match, at half time (access only to those in the East Stand) and after the game.  We will also usually be open for bookings on Tuesday evenings (except when Reading are away when we will not be open but on the coach!) from 7.30pm to 9pm but please check this website for updates on opening hours. 
Places can be limited, so if you are thinking of travelling by coach to an away game please book early. All coach bookings must be made in advance, please do not leave it until the last minute or turn up on match day and assume there will be seats available. Coach tickets are on sale several weeks before a fixture and the number of coaches are pre-booked based on firm bookings made several days before match day. Unfortunately we are not able to put on extra coaches at the last minute even if there is a demand for it. 

Booking Policy 
Only STAR Members are allowed to travel on coaches organised by STAR Travel. Members will be required to produce their membership card when both booking the coach and when boarding prior to travel. Persons not in possession of a valid Membership card may be prevented from travelling. 

Members may book for groups but, at the time of booking, must be in possession of the Membership cards relating to those in the group. 

Under-14s/-18s Policy
If you're under 14 you must be accompanied by another member aged 18+ to travel with STAR. If you are 18+ you can travel as an independent adult.

If you are aged 14-17 inclusive you will require a completed and stamped parental consent form to travel with STAR, unless you are accompanied by a member aged 18+.
Customarily there are two volunteer member stewards per coach and all STAR stewards are DBS checked.

Reading Town Centre Pick Up Policy
One coach is designated as Reading Town Centre coach, only this coach will pick up and drop off in West Street, Reading outside Primark. Members wishing to travel on this coach must state this at the time of booking. No other coaches will go to the town centre other than this coach. 

For those Reading supporters who live away from the town, whether North or South, UK or abroad, then STAR Exiles is for you. We aim to cater for all exiled Royals fans, putting you in touch with others in your area and keeping you up to date with news from the Madejski Stadium, via the STAR website and our newsletter - Reading Matter. 

If you’ve ever been to a Reading away game and wondered how many others live nearby and have made a similar journey, now’s your chance to find out. Whatever the reason you’re living away, either through work or family commitments, or perhaps whilst studying at University or College, your local STAR Exiles branch is there for you. 

We have established UK branches covering the north and Scotland, Midlands and parts of Wales and the south-west. Elsewhere we already have many STAR Exiles members and have recently launched STAR USA and STAR Australia/New Zealand. 

Our main aim is to put fellow Royals supporters in touch with each other and our UK branch members meet up for social events and regularly travel to local away games and Madejski Stadium together. As well as the normal STAR benefits (eg. 10% Megastore voucher) we are also able to arrange block seat bookings for most Reading games both home and away. 

For Exiles living overseas we can still help you meet other Royals fans, maybe to watch televised games together until you can get to the UK and hopefully join us at a match. Despite the distance, we want you to be as much part of the STAR Exiles group as our UK members. 

STAR regularly meet the football Club management who take a genuine interest in our Members’ views. Trevor Mossman, the Exiles Co-ordinator is an active member of the STAR Board representing exiled fans and giving you a voice within the organisation. 

So whether you’re based in the UK or abroad, we want to help you support Reading from afar and hope you decide to join STAR Exiles. You’ll find a warm welcome amongst our members, and if there’s not yet a local group in your area, together we can get one going, we’re sure you’ll find membership worthwhile. 

To join STAR Exiles or for more information, please contact

In April 2008, STAR confirmed the launch of its newest Exiles branch – STAR USA Royals – to cater for fans based in the United States. 

Branch affairs will be handled stateside by joint Chairmen Jeff Reihle and Mark Laudenslager in Pennsylvania, and both are keen to encourage other US Royals fans to join them. 

STAR USA Royals can put you in touch with other supporters in the States, sharing your interest in the club via the STAR Exiles forum, or maybe you live close enough to watch televised games together. 

Members will have the full benefits of STAR Membership, including a 10% Megastore voucher, and if you’re able to come to the UK you can get help with matchday tickets to watch Reading play. 

Trevor Mossman, STAR Exiles Co-ordinator said, “It’s exciting for STAR to be launching an exiled supporters branch in the States. Since we reached the Premier League, fans across the world have seen the way we like to play football and appreciated what we have achieved. 

“Several fans in America have adopted Reading FC as their English club, rather than the more established clubs like Man Utd and Liverpool, and contacted STAR about the possibility of a local fans group. 

“We are grateful to the two joint chairmen Tom and Mark, who will be looking after things Stateside, and are both eager to link up with other Royals fans in the States. STAR will be supporting them in any way we can and we would encourage anyone who has family or friends in America to contact us and join the group. 

“Hopefully this is only the start of a worldwide Royals following, and STAR are already working on the next exiled supporters group in Australia, so watch this space!!” 

For more details and how to sign up email

STAR Australia
Following the successful launch of the USA Royals branch, in April 2009 the Exiles net was cast wider with a new branch for supporters down under. STAR Australian Royals aims to co-ordinate Royals fans living in Australia & New Zealand and will be run by Paul Hill from Adelaide, South Australia. 

With such vast countries to cover, our exclusive Exiles Forum will enable STAR Australian Royals members to get in touch with other Royals fans in their part of the world. Through the Forum, they can also link up with all STAR Overseas and UK Exiles, to share their interest in Reading FC. 

Members will receive the usual STAR benefits including a one-off discount via the RFC online shop - hopefully a bit more useful than the away travel coaches!  But for those who can get to the UK, then STAR can help with matchday tickets to most Reading games. Like all of our Exiles groups, we want members to feel part of the wider fan base regardless of location and we are here to help however we can. 

We have a handful of Royals fans ready to join at the moment, but fully expect this to grow once everyone knows the branch exists. If you live down under or have family and friends who do, please e-mail Paul at for more information or follow this link to join STAR Australian Royals now via the FSF website (credit card payment for overseas Exiles only). 

Added Branches
STAR is delighted to welcome the latest Exiles branches serving Royals supporters in Ireland, Malta and Jersey. These are in addition to our branches in the USA, Australia and Scandinavia. 

If you live in these areas, know someone who does or maybe you’re visiting on your travels and want to meet up, just e-mail them to get involved... 
STAR Irish Royals - contact David Corbett (Dublin):
STAR Maltese Royals - contact Paul Schembri:
STAR Jersey Exile Royals - contact Jonathon Corfe:

STAR USA Royals has also changed leadership recently, with Tom Crabtree handing over the reigns to Jeff Reihle. Many thanks to Tom for his efforts guiding the group since its launch in 2008, and despite the reduced US coverage since relegation there is still a core of supporters keeping the group very much alive and kicking. To get in touch, e-mail

Closer to home, we are searching for a volunteer to look after the STAR South West branch. There are over 30 STAR members living in the area, but the group has yet to achieve its potential. With benefits such as help getting match tickets and free parking at Welcome Break service stations, meeting up for games couldn’t be easier. So if you fancy sharing your trips to Madejski Stadium and away games with others living in the South West, please get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can help

One of STAR’s most important roles is to represent the views of Reading supporters to the Club, the media and the world at large. STAR is able to do this because it is relatively large in membership terms – one of the top 20 Supporters’ Trusts in the country – and in regular contact with its members and supporters.

STAR participates in the analysis of the Club’s own annual customer survey and runs surveys of its own membership. It sends out its own fortnightly email STAR Bulletin, regularly responds to email contact and, through operating away travel and fans’ forums, has frequent personal contact with a wide range of supporters.

This degree of contact enables STAR to represent Reading fans in the six-weekly meetings with the club’s Senior Management Team (SMT), the Safety Advisory Group, the Atmosphere Group and to offer personal representation to supporters who have fallen into dispute with the Club or football authorities via an established protocol. You can view this protocol by clicking here.

STAR itself supports, as a member, Supporters Direct, the Football Supporters Federation and Level Playing Field and sends representatives to the Fans’ Parliament, Structured Dialogue meetings with the EFL and regional meetings of the main fans’ bodies.