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What is iFollow?

iFollow is our new audio/video subscription service.

This replaces the previous platform PlayerHD as of June 2017.

It allows subscribers to watch videos of exclusive interviews, features and match highlights, as well as listening to live audio commentary of every first-team fixture.

UK-based subscribers will be able to watch full match replays the day after our games, while international subscribers will be able to watch live streams of our matches.

See the below Q&A for more information.

Head to to begin browsing our videos.

All new subscriptions are now annual.

Existing UK-based monthly subscribers to PlayerHD will see their subscription roll onto the new iFollow platform at the ongoing rate of £4.49 per month.

New UK-based subscribers will pay £45 per year (all recorded video content including full match replays and live audio commentary).

New International subscribers will pay £110 per year (as above, with the addition of live match streams).

Supporters can also register for a FREE iFollow account, which will allow access to some selected free video content including short highlights packages and exclusive interviews, but this does not include live audio commentary or premium video content.

Some videos will also be hosted on the iFollow platform and available to play without the need to log in.

You’ll be able to watch most first-team matches as they happen – with a few exceptions.  When Reading fixtures are selected for television broadcast in your country, these matches will remain the exclusive right of the EFL’s broadcast partner.  Audio commentary will still be available for every first-team fixture.

Yes – video playback can be used directly on your mobile phones right now.

However live streams of matches (international subscribers) and full match replays (all subscribers) will require an app for Android and iPhone.  This will be released ahead of the 2017/18 season.

iFollow will be fully functional on computer web browsers.

Nope – every single video from the old platform has been migrated across to iFollow!  That’s over 2,700 videos for you to take a look over at your leisure… with many more to come!

That depends on where you’re based and what your PlayerHD subscription was; due to legal restrictions, not every account can automatically be transferred over.  See the guidance below and whether you’ll need to take any action…

UK Monthly Subscriber

Rolling on automatically to an iFollow subscription at the previous rate of £4.49 per month (no action required from supporters).

UK Annual Subscriber

Rolling on to an iFollow subscription, which will expire and not renew at its original end date. Supporters must then actively renew.

International Monthly Subscriber

Subscriptions will be cancelled.  Supporters must actively renew.

International Annual Subscriber

Subscriptions will be cancelled. Fans must actively renew. Refunds will be issued on a pro-rata basis to those with time remaining on their PlayerHD account.

Anything still unclear?  You can email for more advice on the new service which we will be providing.