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Blog: The Buzz

16 August 2012

Our winning entry!

Earlier this week the official site asked fans to send in their blogs, articles, features and prose ahead of our Premier League opener with Stoke City.

The excitement is clearly taking hold - as we had plenty of entries, all extremely well written - but in the end there could only be one winner!

Congratulations go to Vicky Robinson - who has certainly encaptulated the Madejski Stadium buzz! She will pick up a copy of this Saturday's programme signed by Brian McDermott's squad.

If you still haven't booked your seat for the game - maybe this will get you in the mood to do so! Click here to buy online. 

The Buzz - by Vicky Robinson

Anticipation, belief and pride, all colliding fluidly within each careful breath. Every heartbeat filled with a sense of what is about to happen…what we are here to do. Concrete footsteps echoing around me, that reverberating sound that told me I am finally coming home. Exhilaration growing inside you as you take those last few steps out into the open, grass glistening with expectation, everything exactly as you remembered it but with a distinct air of something…more.

The crowd bustling, moving as one, a well oiled machine all falling into place. I stand there, staring at the ever increasing number of the enemy, the sunlight shimmering golden above the battle ground. I glance down at the earth for a brief moment of composure, as if on cue the drum explodes out above the simmering noise and voices hush as the music begins to flow outwards.

You feel your pulse start to quicken as the flags fly, a guard of honour to welcome our brave soldiers. Thousands of voices building a crescendo, rapturous applause like thunder, crashing over the blue and white hooped figures emerging. 

We take a stand, as one we pray, shout…even breathe. 

So much had been sacrificed to reach this moment, but we strove with that last ounce of courage to reach this unreachable star. We have arrived, and we are going to prove that we are here to stay. The roar is deafening as the captain gives his final orders, positions are taken and the whole stadium takes a collective gasp of air, waiting…holding for that whistle. Together we erupt as the first moments of a new legacy are written. 

What am I most looking forward to about the new season? The dawning of a new era and watching as the crowd come to life once more. 

The beautiful game at its best, skill beyond belief and the rush of being part of the most paramount league in the world, finally Reading FC are back where they belong…in the Barclays Premier League. The new season is upon us, the joy of first flight football returning to the Madejski Stadium and with it new trials and tribulations. I know, like me, you will all be looking forward to seeing some of the best and most prolific teams in the world step onto our hallowed turf…hopefully to be beaten by the Royals.

So Stoke are our first challenge, not the easiest of openers... We all have favourite opening day memories. Mine would be the strength and unity showed in the first game of the season after relegation.

Thousands upon thousands returned to the scene of such despair to sing their lungs out in repost to demotion; the atmosphere was nothing short of incredible.  There wasn’t a single person in the Madjeski Stadium that didn’t think we were going straight back up. But as we all know it wasn’t to be, it was our destiny to play Championship football for a few more seasons. We didn’t roll over and die as many have; we grew stronger, biding our time until we, as a club, we’re ready. 

It’s our time, and now it isn’t a case of asking if we are ready for the Premier League, the question should be are they ready for us? Come on URRRRRRRZZZ!!  

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