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Jem's delight

24 July 2012

Karacan steps up

Royals midfielder Jem Karacan returned to non-contract training for the first time on Monday, and he told Reading FC Player he's delighted to be back.

The full video is on Player now including footage of his return to action, and a transcript is below as we catch up with the midfield maestro.

So Jem, how are things going out here in Portugal?
Yes it’s really good, lovely weather of course, we are getting some good training under our belts and it was a really good test for us in the game the other evening. It allowed the boys to get the cobwebs out of the system and it seems to be going well.

How is your injury?
Pretty good, I joined in today for some non-contact training which I was buzzing about as I have been itching to get back out there and get going again. It felt great today to finally start doing some training with the lads.

When do you think you can play in a game again – if you are looking that far ahead?
I have an idea of when I want to be back but it just depends on my rehab. I need a week or so of non-contact training that I have already started so I will soon be doing more bits here and there. I’ve just got to get into Luke’s and the Gaffer’s ears so they let me come back when I am ready.

I’m sure they will try and reign you in a bit?
Ha, Luke has been trying to but I have been sneaking into a few extra bits of training when I can so that I can get in as much training as possible. The physio staff have all been really good with me throughout my recovery, it has taken a while and I never knew just how long it would be. I am glad though as I have been told that I will be back sooner than I could have been expected. I could have damaged my ankle a lot more than I did so I have to look at the positives in that.

It’s been a great trip overall hasn’t it?
It has been brilliant; it’s always nice to get away with the boys. A tour like this gets everyone together, we have got a great team spirit here even with the new lads who have joined recently. I don’t there are many teams that the boys would have settled in any quicker. We knew a couple of them as we have played against them for years and they blended in pretty quick with our current crop.

What about their singing?
Oh, the singing was terrible! Pavel was my favourite though, but besides that he has brilliant. He doesn’t speak too much English but he is already showing that he is one one of the boys and you can already tell that he loves it here. 

You can tell it makes a big difference once you get your song out of the way, it’s almost like a weight off your mind.
It’s the initiation, you’ve got to do it and if you haven’t then you don’t really feel fully part of the team. In my case it took three years for someone to realise that I hadn't sung, I remember Berty [Ryan Bertrand] bringing it up. It is one of those things that you always dread but once it’s out of the way it feels so much better.

Apparently Fedders hasn’t sung yet…?
I don’t want to go into that! You will have to ask him that yourself…!

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