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Anton's football passion

23 November 2012

McDermott on Zingarevich 'obsession'

Brian McDermott has again spoken of his close relationship with Anton Zingarevich, as he told his pre-match press conference of the owner’s “obsessive” love of football.

Zingarevich spoke fondly of his manager to the national press prior to the 2-1 win over Everton last weekend, and Brian revealed he was grateful to have such consistent support week in, week out at Hogwood Park.

“With the owner, the Chairman, the board, the Director of Football – everyone is in it together,” said McDermott.

“That’s my view. If there’s a situation where you have an owner and there’s a ‘him and us thing’ – I don’t think that works, it can’t work. Anton is very much part of what we are trying to do here. He’s one of us, he came to pre-season with us, he joined in – and he’s very much part of it. 

“He’s not just interested in football, it’s a far beyond that – he’s obsessed. He loves his football, he watches every game he can. He likes to discuss football, we go and have a pint and talk about it. He’s a 30-year-old guy who’s bought a club in January, which has ended up in the Barclays Premier League. Fair play to him!”

Anyone watching the highlights of last weekend’s win over the Toffees will have seen just how much the victory meant to everybody in the stands, including the owner – and Brian was keen to emphasise the passion Anton feels for the club.

“You saw him last week, he told me when he was watching the Southampton Reading game last season, surrounded by his friends, he was like a real fan wanting them to do well – he told me what a great night it was. 

“He’s had great nights, great days, and he’s also had the disappointing ones. I remember after the Arsenal game, he was really supportive – you can see what a man’s made off after you have a poor defeat.

“That’s one thing about the Chairman, Sir John Madejski – he’s always been very, very good in situations like that too. It’s vital.”

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