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Leading our youngsters

15 August 2013

Guthrie vows to help youth

Royals midfielder Danny Guthrie wants to lead by example, and help our young players in any way possible.

Speaking from experience, the 26-year-old knows the importance of encouraging and guiding our youngsters - who, a large number of them, contributed an excellent 4-2 win in their first Barclays Under 21 Premier League game of the season.

"It's something I've realised this past summer, how vital it is to encourage our young players because it's brilliant for them," he said.

"Just seeing the young lads training with us - the likes of Jake Taylor and Jordan Obita. You don't realise how much a 'well done' or a 'you did really well tonight' means to someone coming through. Last season I probably wouldn't have said anything - not to be nasty, I just didn't think of it.

"I've been there - I've played with players who were horrible. They think the best way to help someone is to keep telling them what they're doing wrong. But there's a limit to that. There was nothing better than when Steven Gerrard came up to me at the end of a session and said 'you were brilliant'. I was on top of the world.

"I'm an experienced player now and I've got to take some responsibility to look after these young lads. I realise that this is my team and I need to get the best out of people. The best way to do that is to encourage."

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