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Anton's eight-year plan

19 July 2013

Zingarevich's strategic view

Owner Anton Zingarevich is working on an eight-year strategic plan for the club, looking ahead to our 150-year anniversary in 2021.

Anton has a clear vision for the club, and is working to develop our position both on and off the pitch; locally, nationally and internationally.

There have been many examples of that development this summer - signings like Royston Drenthe, plans for a new training ground, Category One Academy status, our partnerships with Marussia and The Legend Alliance; the list goes on.

Speaking in a lengthy interview with BBC Radio Berkshire, GetReading and the official website at our pre-season training camp in Portugal, Anton said, "To compete with the bigger clubs you have to have an international plan.

"We are working on an eight-year plan right now for 2021 for the 150-year celebration. We know what we’d like to achieve by then, we are working on an eight-year strategy that would involve international expansion as well.

"Opportunities [like Marussia] come up all the time but we’d like to manage our brand development in a better way, a more manageable way. We’ll be looking at how to develop an organisation to cater for that, and build a strategy.

"In terms of football, we are changing our style which is a difficult position to be in. The players have been used to one environment for a number of years, we have to change that and get to where we want to be, a good passing team. That’s a project in itself, and something we have to be careful of in terms of emotion because we’re trying to build for the future.

"We know what our plan is and we’ve always said that, it is to fulfil the potential that we have. You can only do that if you are successful on the pitch, and you can do it in different ways: like Spurs or Everton, or more like City or Chelsea. I’d like to be more of a Spurs or Everton, who have been able to develop everything in a prudent and right way. That is something we would like to do.

"Of course it means we have to increase the value of the squad, you can only do that by good recruitment and that is key for us right now. We’ve only just started that, a year ago we didn’t have any recruitment set up at all. We’ve appointed a couple of people and are developing the organisation in that as well. To get where we want to be, we are a long way from that.

"Overall I know where I want to be and I know what we want to do to get there. It involves players, football staff and non-football staff to develop the club throughout. We’ve appointed a new Commercial Director who will hopefully pick up and develop us in terms of marketing, make us a more established club."

Listen to much more from Anton on BBC Berkshire's Sports Show from 6pm on Friday evening, with more also to follow on the official website and in local press.

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