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Father's Day: Royals stories!

17 June 2013

Fans recall first game

On Father's Day 2013 (Sunday 16th June), we asked our supporters on Facebook if it was their dad who made them a Reading fan, and if they watched their first ever Royals match alongside their father. We had a fantastic response!

Here's a selection of the replies...

Roger Ware: Beat Colchester 7-1 in early 1950s - Ronnie Blackman scored four and Dad said he must have been wearing new boots because he didn't usually score that many! He scored enough still to be in the RFC record books today though!

Chloe Sammi Crowther: Yes and yes for me, first match was at Elm Park in 1995 when I was 5 and we beat Crawley Town 7-1 in a friendly. Me and my Dad were then Season Ticket holders together, it has been our daughter and dad time. 

Caroline Whiting: Yes and yes! My sister and I took our Dad on one of your stadium tours today. Very enjoyable!

Emma Hudson: Yes and yes. My dad would be proud to know his daughter now takes his granddaughter to reading games to continue the support of a brilliant family club. RIP KFH. Xx

Laura Ison: Yep, standing with my dad at Elm Park, walking home and all the cars tooting after a win along Oxford road.......happy days!

Bill Vaughan: Reading v QPR in the 60s, stood behind the goal at the town end, half time a cup of Bovril (yuk), followed the Royals ever since!

Kevin Gosden: Around 1977 season, Div 4. Elm Park, Sanchez, Hetzke, etc with my dad Tony Gosden

Dave Barnett: 1971 vs Wrexham. We lost and got relegated to the fourth division that year. He even used to drive down from Northampton to watch reserve games. RIP Dad.

Tracy Appleton: My Grandfather was born in Reading, my father always looked for Reading's results but never got to see a game. But now I am able to take my two sons to games at the Mad Stad!

Al Cousins: Yes and yes. Elm park, mid 70s.

Danny Morgan: Reading vs Wigan 2001 Play-Off semi-final was my first ever match! We won 2-1 URZZZ

Ben Smith: Yes, the first match was the first ever game at Mad Stad. Reading 3 Luton 0 on 22nd August 1998.

Alex Giles My Dad used to take me to games at Elm Park when I was a lad, I remember a man coming round selling sweets and I always used to have a wagon wheel. Reading fan for life now, thanks Dad - Steve Giles.

James Wells: Reading V Oxford Utd 1998-99 season

Jordan Clear: Reading 1-0 Port Vale, 2001

David Andrews: My first game was with my Dad. Pre season 94/95, a 1-0 win V Real Sociadad. Daley Thompson played for us.

Tim May: Crewe Alex 1979, and a freezing cold Friday night. Never been the same since.

Michael Dakin: Dad took me to see the Royals lose 3-2 away to Colchester United. I adopted no. 3, Stuart Grey as my favourite player as well for some reason!

Rachel Gillas: Yeah my Dad made me a Royals fan and took me to my first of many games...

Andrew Hopkins: Against Cardiff City when we won 5-1 in 2003

David Gale: Dad took me to Reading v Swansea, I want to say New Year's Day 1992. Elm park. Hooked ever since - thanks dad!

Damon Young: Elm Park, 1979 against Mansfield. We won 1-0 thanks to a Pat Earles curling shot into the corner. Was giddy with excitement.

Stuart Bradley Simod Cup Final was the only game I attended with my dad and it was a day I will always remember! Good times!... Rip dad! Miss you!

Lesley Stewart: Yes...Elm Park..loved that place x

Russell Kemp: Yep it was my Dad who ruined it for me. Ever since 1990, I have been following like my life depended on home and away and now he calls me mad for it!!

Guy Le Fondre: I made my dad a reading fan!!

Paul Baz Beazley: About 1968, I know we won 4-1 and I remember watching my dad to see what to do when Reading scored

Erin Hughes: My Dad took me to my first match when I was five in 1999. The first one I remember was Play-Off semi final against Wigan that season, we won 2-1 and I fell asleep on my dad's shoulders on the way back to the car. Of course he took me to the final against Walsall after which I cried, and said I'd never watch another match. I've never been so wrong! Thanks Dad!

Ellen Mackrill: Reading 1-0 Wigan in March 2001, when we were both in Division Two. How times have changed!

Neil Sutcliffe: I must confess it was a member of the tango team in 1999 a certain Paul Tmms who converted me the path of Royalness! I never looked back despite the occasional tough times, thanks to him, to the team and you all.....etc till I die.

David Parkinson: Reading v Arsenal in the FA Cup. I think 1970 - Elm Park was heaving! I was 7. We lost 2-1. Havin scored two own goals I think.

Brian Barnes 1968: Manchester United, Watney's Cup at Elm Park.

Jane Bazley: Yes, Reading vs Stockport in Division 4, Easter 1978. We won.

John Bonney: Yes ! Reading v Preston 1971, Dick Habbin, 1-0 at Elm Park, still smell the bovril!

David Vincent-Smith: My Dad's an Oxford fan haha, but yeah he took me to my first Reading match

Alex Bampton: Yes made me a Reading fan! Reading born himself, not I, but I followed suit! Reading 3-0 Swindon, Supermarine hat-trick from Rougier

Stephen Pitt: My first game was in the Old Towns End at Elm Park, a reserve game in 1972. I loved it and we were soon doing the swim at Reading Central then the game after, remember seeing Robin Friday and Murray Mint

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