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Insight: Training needs

20 June 2013

Halabi on pre-season

The Royals are back in training at the end of next week - but they have been working regularly over the summer to maintain their peak levels of fitness.

Each player was given a specific training programme by Head Of Sports Science Karl Halabi at the end of last season, and they are tailored to both maintain and improve the players' physical condition.

Karl said, "Every programme is individualised to the player, it contains running programmes, gym sessions and tailored corrective work which they do based on their individual screening. The aim is for the players to maintain as much as they can over pre-season.


"On top of that there’s nutrition advice and recovery strategies so they can train three or four times a week, just to maintain what they worked hard to achieve all season. Then in pre-season we can build on it again.


"The programmes are very important which is why we do it, to give them guidance from us. Once they come back into the club from June to May they are judged all the time. We give them a programme to follow, we measure their weight and body fat so we know where they were when they left and where they are when they come back. The boys here are very good and take care of themselves. They work hard, eat the right things, and you can’t work at the intensity we need to without taking care of yourselves. Train hard, recover harder, that’s how we base our training.


"Recovery is massive, sleep, supplements, nutrition, releasing the muscles, it all enables you to train the best you can.

"The benefit we’ve got is that we measure everything, whether it’s training or games, we’ve got the complete make-up of the player so we know they peak on game days, not in training. That’s the art of having good support staff, Tristan and Ross, they help that process and have been really important to the group."

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