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Eldon Celtic

3 October 2013

Eldon Celtic was founded in 2001 and has become one of the most successful clubs in Berkshire. Its success has been down to the development approach and the dedication and enthusiasm of all the managers and coaches involved with the teams.
In just over ten years the club has won in excess of 200 honours, which includes winning the Berks and Bucks County Cup six times. In addition have also won the Arsenal and Leatherhead International tournaments along with many others.
The Club were proud to be awarded FA Charter in February 2008, and in the 2011/12 Season Eldon Celtic's success within grass roots football was recognised by Reading FC by forming an official Partnership between the clubs.

Why have you formed this Academy Partner link and how has it benefited your club?

We try and prepare our players for future successes.

Our sessions are designed to place a much greater emphasis on improving the player’s technical ability and tactical understanding without overloading players with lots of tactical information.  Our philosophy is players should be allowed to take risks and learn through their mistakes rather than always been given the solution to all the problems.  This should encourage better and more creativity, and understanding for players. Working along side Reading FC has opened many doors.

Have any of your club players progressed and signed for the Royals Academy or any other league club?

1. Rhys Tyler (Reading FC 2002)
2. Paul Gideon (Southampton & Reading FC 2003)
3. Simeon Blackwood (Reading FC 2003)
4. Luke Redman (Queens Park Rangers 2004)
5. Jake Butler (QPR & Wycombe Wanderers 2004)
6. Jarrett Bobb (Queens Park Rangers 2004)
7. Ashley Artwell (Reading FC 2004)
8. Alan Bosman (Reading FC 2004)
9. Gareth Sanashee (Oxford United 2005)
10. Ross Baker (Brentford 2005)
11. Ashley Watson (Watford 2005)
12. Devante Romeo (Reading FC 2005)
13. Kofi Halliday (Reading FC 2005)
14. Liam Ferninand (Reading FC & Wycombe 2005)
15. Leroy Clark (Reading FC 2005)
16. Jonathon Belgrave (Wycombe Wanderers 2006)
17. Raheem Mc Farlane (Wycombe Wanderers 2006)
18. Jack Donaldson (Wycombe Wanderers 2006)
19. Harry Grant (Wycombe & Swindon 2006)
20. Ben Hutchings (Aldershot Town 2006)
21. Callum Nimmo (Aldershot Town 2006)
22. Ian Mc Culley (Aldershot Town 2006)
23. Ben Gladwin (Aldershot Town 2006)
24. Grant Smith (Reading FC & Fulham 2007)
25. Jack Kerrigan (Reading FC 2007)
26. Sam Bangoura (Chelsea FC 2007)
27. Lattrel Greenidge (Reading FC 2007)
28. Umpha Korona (Chelsea FC & Stoke City 2008)
29. William Neighbour (Reading FC 2008)
30. Imani Likita (Oxford United 2008)
31. Stewart McEwan (Reading FC 2008 - RIP15/11/08)
32. Gabriel Feshenfeld (Reading FC 2009)
33. Darnell Fisher (Glasgow Celtic 2010)
34. Abudeen Conteh (Reading FC 2011)
35. Ricardo Gibson (Reading FC 2011)
36. Tamille Roache (Reading FC 2011)
37. Oliver Artwell (Reading FC 2011)
38. Nathan Claxton (Chelsea FC 2011)
39. Rudi Pache (Chelsea FC 2011)
40. Ice Goswell
41. Lewis Hall
42. Gladwin Go-Boatang
43. Ethan Bristow (2013)
44. Anton Miller (Reading 2012)
45. Marquice Morris ( Reading 2012

Darnell Fisher (cousin of Jannai Scott – Current U12) made his debut for Celtic’s 1st Team 18th October 2013. He took a rather exotic route to Glasgow,  through the Jimmy Johnstone Academy in a match against Reading based Eldon Celtic. After signing in the summer of 2010 he became a regular in the u-17 side before starting to make in-roads into the u-19 side in the 2011/12 season. Darnell Fisher first played for Reading’s Eldon Celtic U11’s, managed by Dave Artwell in 2002.

We have a summer tournament coming up on Saturday 5th July and Sunday 6th July at Academy Sport, Northumberland Ave, Reading RG2 8DF.

Click here for the invitation and here for the application form.

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