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What does STAR do?

3 August 2014


Supporters' Trust at Reading (STAR) is a fans' organisation founded in 2002. It is the successor to Reading Football Supporters Club, which began life in 1930, and is the recognised organisation for supporters of Reading FC. It is run independently of the football club by a board of volunteers.  Last season (2013-14) over 1,600 Reading fans were STAR members.

What does STAR aim to do?
- To benefit the community served by the football club and strengthen the bonds between the community and the football club;
- To encourage the football club to take proper account of supporters’ and the community’s interests in the decisions that it reaches;
- To promote, encourage and further the game of football as a focus for community involvement;
- To provide affordable travel to assist supporters to travel to Reading FC first team away matches and to organise social events and forums for supporters;
- To promote the full, accountable democratic and constructive involvement of supporters in the direction of the football club;
- To develop links with supporters of other football clubs in the furtherance of enjoyment of the game for all supporters;

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