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Telling 1000 Words

7 January 2014

Club photographer picks his best snaps

For each and every first team game, there are a plethora of photographers gathered around the pitch - clicking away in hope of that one golden snap that will sum up the afternoon's proceedings.

Naturally the sheer emotion created by the game has a habit of creating some iconic images - and over the years Reading's club photographer Jason Dawson has captured plenty of his own.

With a new year well underway, we've asked Jason to give us his favourite pictures from the last 12 months of covering the Royals...

PHOTO ONE: A Worthwhile Trip 

View the full size photo here. 

Jason: "In isolation perhaps it's not a great photo, but for me (and I'm sure Reading fans there that day can relate) it's more about the story behind it! The weather was awful that weekend, I was due to travel to Newcastle on the Friday but got snowed in - so had to leave early Saturday morning. Somehow we made it in one piece, and Alfie's two goals made it all worth while! This is him bundling in the first." 

PHOTO TWO: Flying the Flag 

View the full size photo here. 

Jason: Self explanatory really...a memorable win and a memorable celebration. You always know that Alex Pearce will get involved!

PHOTO THREE: Jemba Goes Wild

View the full size photo here. 

Even though the game ended in a draw I love this one of Jem sliding towards me after scoring. As a Reading FC photographer there is no better feeling than when a player shows how much scoring for the club means to them, and I get to document it for future fans to look back on!

PHOTO FOUR: Back of the Net

View the full size photo here. 

There are times when a player scores a goal and it looks pretty plain for a snapper on the sideline, but adding a camera behind the goal sometimes captures a much better reaction. That can be seen here when Derby goalkeeper Lee Grant can only look on as the ball flies past him from Pog's shot. Having a camera placed behind the goal can be pot luck in some cases, but this one captures the moment perfectly. Luckily no player was around to give my equipment a kick on this occasion, which has been known in the past!

PHOTO FIVE: Happy Days!

View the full size photo here. 

The 2013 Berkshire Hospital visit was probably the best one I've ever covered. Maybe that was down to the amount of players that turned up, but it sticks in my mind as the players were brilliant that day - from playing table football to Morro's art work! And then there was Chris Gunter spending so much time with this young lad after giving him a toy car. Sometimes people don't realise how long the players do spend in the community - we don't document every minute of the visit, out of respect to the patients and parents' privacy. It was just a heartwarming day and I think this shot sums it up nicely. 

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