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Jem answers the fans!

9 June 2014

Karacan's Twitter Q&A

We asked our Twitter followers for some alternative questions to pose to midfielder Jem Karacan - here's what they came up with! 

@flamesgeorge: Will he be back for pre-season?
Obviously I want to get back for the first day of pre-season but I have to be patient. It has been eight months since I ran properly, even a little jog is a big step up as you are getting your gait going and getting back that fluid of movement. I have set out some targets and have had some tremendous support from the medical team here. 

@daniel_rfc2: What's the best prank you’ve seen by a footabller on another footballer?
The best one that was going to happen? Probably when I put baking powder into Jay Tabb’s hairdryer! I was sitting there waiting….as he used it every day. But Jobi tipped him off and ruined it! Apart from that there isn’t really much that goes on…the lads are boring as hell here! Gunts has got a couple but nothing to talk about….

What’s the best thing about Pavel Pogrebnyak?
Off the pitch he was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever come across! He doesn’t speak much English but some of the stuff he learns is unbelievable. To come out of some of the quotes he comes out with is hilarious. He is a good laugh!

Best player you’ve played against?
I was fortunate enough in the Premier League to play against some of the best players I have seen. With Lampard finishing at Chelsea at the moment, that’s a shame as he was unbelievable. It was like playing against a machine. Obviously I played against Giggs too which was a pleasure, to play against a Ferguson side with Giggs in it – I’ve even got a couple of pictures of me up against him, so that’s something that I’ll always have. Gerrard would probably be in my top three – but then you’ve got Hazard and people like that. It’s tough to pick one!

@_chloerfc: What's been your favourite momen so far at Reading?
There’s been a few. Sitting in the hospital bed after my ankle operation and listening to Ledge score that goal on radio. That was the best and worst moment at the same time, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I’m still gutted to this day that I missed seeing all the pitch invasion and all that madness. But to be involved in that crazy surge in the end of the season…to be part of that team that went up will also stay with me. And playing my first Premier League game after being out, four months later against Chelsea against Mata, Hazard and people like that. 

@AkponPlz: Favourite goal for Reading?
Probably Fulham! I know we were relegated but to go there and put on the performance that we did when everyone always doubted us no matter what. It was tough, we worked out nuts of to get there and to have a disappointing season was hard But to score a first Premier League goal in front of my family is one moment I will always have. Probably the best goal yet. 

@Mclorypls: Funniest Player?
Morro! We’ve just been on holiday together…he’s the best guy ever! He cracks me up so much! We always knock about together, try and be the jokers and try to keep everyone's spirits up. Even when we were injured for a few months we were trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, because without me and him in the team it’s a bit dead to be honest! He’s hilarious. You have to find that level where you’re trying to be funny, but also serious when you have to be.

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