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In-depth interview: majority shareholder Narin Niruttinanon

6 July 2015

Narin speaks on Club aims, transfers & more

Majority shareholder Narin Niruttinanon spoke to the media at a press conference in Bangkok today, launching our pre-season tour in Thailand.

Narin - who of course owns 50% of the Club - spoke freely in an interview with GetReading's Charles Watts & BBC Berkshire's Tim Dellor, who are both out in Asia covering the tour. Fellow shareholder Sumrith Thanakarnjanasuth also spoke to the Thai press in his native tongue about plans for the future.

We have a transcript below with the key questions from the first part of Narin's discussion.

On his time with Reading so far...
Last season, besides the FA Cup, the team's form in the League was not that well. My experience of football is just as a fan, maybe less than people in UK. I follow football quite a bit. Early on we had so many injuries so the form was up and down. Then after Steve Clarke came in, the first teamers came back and somehow we did not perform well, and then we feel there must be an adjustment to the squad, and we are trying to work very hard within this transfer period.

It is difficult to express how much I like the team. If like footballers I switch team and kiss the badge, everyone says he's faking it! But I enjoy the team very much. We try very hard to promote the team out here in Thailand.

On future investment...
I think we are still in the process of getting more recruits to join us in the team. We cannot say how many more but there are a number of targets.

On the long term...
Everyone of us is here to do the best thing for the team, and here for the long term. It was unfortunate [when Anton Zingarevich left] but if it didn't happen we would not have that opportunity to join Reading. So we want to do the best for the team. It takes time, but with four new players, and looking to add more, I think we will do well next season.

On his majority shareholding...
There are three owners, I have 50%. I think a few months back Nigel Howe explained to the media about what happened with Samrit Bunditkitsada. I can confirm he was in the picture in the beginning and led the discussion with Sir John on how to make it happen for Thais to take over the club, so I need to give him credit because if it was not him, I am not sure Sir John would be so impressed and have the belief we are serious people who can take the club forward.

On Sir John Madejski...
He is passionate about the team, it's only for him to say if he enjoys being co-Chairman and give us his honest option about how we run the club, then I would love for him to continue, he is contributing so much.

On discussions with the board and manager...
I talk to Nigel quite a bit and we meet regularly for board meetings and updates. When it comes to football activities, we set policy, and at the end of the day, if we believe Steve Clarke is the right person to lead Reading back to Premier League, we just support his idea. If he identifies targets we try to get those people for him. These four recruits, he is very pleased we could bring them to the club, but a big part of it was his own job, he convinced the players that Reading has potential to go up, otherwise they might not be impressed. He has charisma and that is very helpful.

On this season's aims...
I may be too optimisitic, I think with the team we have, if they have more time with the manager and play as a team, and we have less injuries, I don't see why we can't aim for play-offs and hopefully have a chance to compete. We need to aim high and I really hope we can do well.

On the FA Cup...
It was heartbreaking. Just like the players, there were moments we could have made it. We did very well and pushed to the end, it was unfortunate.

On attracting fans...
I look at this simply, we need to do well and the team must perform, otherwise who would come in and pay for tickets to watch us? We can add extras to make it more fun, we working hard on that, but at the end of the day they need to support the team and see that we really perform. I hope if the team does better, more people will come.

Interviewing #readingfc's majority shareholder Narin Niruttinanon. Very interesting conversation.

— Charles Watts (@charles_watts) July 6, 2015

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