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‘The Sum of the Parts’ – a fan-written chronicle

25 February 2016

Jon Keen’s book is an analysis of all the factors that led to a Royals rise

As you may be aware, the Reading team of 2005-06 was really something quite special – no-one who saw them will ever forget just how good they were.

For the past year, Reading fan Jon Keen has been working on a book about where that success all started, how the team was put together and what led to them making history as well as where the club went as a result. His book, ‘The Sum of the Parts – the evolution of the Perfect Team’ will be published in March to coincide with the tenth anniversary of promotion to the Premier League for the first time.

As Jon says, “It was an unbelievable and magical period, one that no Reading supporter will ever forget. That time, and the achievements of that wonderful team, deserve celebrating and need to be brought to a wider audience.

“That’s what ‘The Sum of the Parts’ is about, but as well as recording WHAT happened I’m determined to understand HOW and WHY it happened the way it did. As well as recording supporters’ memories of those superb few seasons, I set myself the task of discovering exactly what were the factors that all came together at exactly the same time to create a team so marvellously effective and entertaining.

“I’ve interviewed some key people behind the scenes who made the crucial decisions, and I think I’ve discovered many of the vital ingredients that came together to give that team its unique “X-factor” – a team that was something much greater than merely ‘The Sum of the Parts’?"

Pre-order “The Sum of the Parts”
Loyal Royals can pre-order a copy in advance at a reduced price of £16 (£18 with delivery) at

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There is a limited number of “Subscription” packages still available for purchase by Loyal Royals.
For a cost of £45, Subscribers will receive the below:
•    Their name and location printed on the “Subscribers” page of “The Sum of the Parts”, publicly acknowledging their support
•    A signed copy by the author and personalised copy of ‘The Sum of the Parts’ (for collection or sent direct to them) on publication date.
•    A personalised ‘The Sum of the Parts’ postcard thanking them for their support.
•    The knowledge that they’ve helped make possible this book documenting such a memorable period in Reading’s history.
To become a subscriber to “The Sum of the Parts” go to:

The club are in in the midst of their own project - a totally unique, deluxe and entirely exclusive commemorative opus, which we envisage will help to honour a legacy left by that season’s unforgettable achievement. ‘One hundred and six’ will be the publication which that remarkable season deserves.

The manager, coaching staff and players’ voices will openly tell the story of 2005-06 in detail never before revealed and hours and hours of discussion with then manager Steve Coppell has already unlocked key elements from that fairytale campaign that have until now not been divulged.

First person accounts from that historic squad of players, the gaffer and his coaching staff as well as other key characters working at the club at the time, accompanied by the best imagery from ten years ago as well as portrait images from the here and now, ‘One hundred and six’ will be something special for fans of the football club back in 2005-06, for the Royals supporters who have followed the club since that landmark success and for the neutral football fanatic who is interested in exactly what it took to make glorious history!

As you can imagine, a project of such magnitude is taking some time to compile and produce, but we are intending to launch pre-orders to our supporters in the next couple of months, with the opus on sale this summer – when ten years ago we were preparing for our first ever Premier League season following that remarkable record-breaking title win. More details about ‘One hundred and six’ will be revealed soon…

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