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Stand & Deliver: The scores so far...

10 October 2016

A recap of how things stand in our half time game.

If you’ve been a regular visitor to Madejski Stadium this season, you may have noticed a brand new half time game has arrived in RG2.

Stand & Deliver pits the three home stands against one another on a match by match basis in a variety of different challenges designed to test supporters’ mental and physical prowess. Read on for a review of the competition to date, and to give you an idea of the types of challenges. On the day the winning supporter gets to take away one of our famous gnomes, but the big prize is a point that could see your stand win big at the end of the campaign!

Just over a quarter of the way through the competition, the standings are as follows:
East Stand: 4
Eamonn Dolan Stand: 0
West/West Upper Stand: 2

So if you’re an East Stander looking to consolidate your lead, sit in the West Stand and want to catch up, or are desperate to put the first point on the board for the Eamonn Dolan Stand, fill out the below form to register to take part!

Stand & Deliver recap:

Fixture: Reading v Preston North End
Challenge: Educated Guesses
•    East Stand – Rio Stedford
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Luke Taylor
•    West/West Upper Stand – Gerry Deeves

Winner: East Stand – Rio Stedford
Rio took the first point of the season by getting the closest guess to the following questions – How many goals have Reading scored in competitive fixtures at Madejski Stadium?

Fixture: Reading v Brighton & Hove Albion
Challenge: Closest to the Flag
•    East Stand – Phillip Chappell
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Ady Richardson
•    West/West Upper Stand – Colby Sipson

Winner: West/West Upper Stand – Colby Sipson
Colby Sipson gets the West Stand’s first point on the board by kicking a football closest to the corner flag from the corner of the penalty area.

Fixture: Reading v Ipswich Town
Challenge: The Generation Game
•    East Stand – Dean Swift
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Ben Thomas
•    West/West Upper Stand – George Beveridge

Winner: East Stand – Dean Swift
The contestants were shown 14 items on the Video Screen, and were then asked to recount what they saw from memory. Dean Swift took the spoils by remembering one more item than Ben and George.

Fixture: Reading v Birmingham City
Challenge: Strike it Lucky
•    East Stand – Matthew Smith
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Joe Evening
•    West/West Upper Stand – James Illman

Winner: East Stand – Matthew Smith
Last year’s half time game Strike it Lucky returned for a one off special, with Matthew Smith snatching victory from Joe in a tight final round.

Fixture: Reading v Huddersfield Town
Challenge: Play your Shirts Right
•    East Stand – Joe Richardson
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Daniel Curtis
•    West/West Upper Stand – Fraser White

Winner: West Stand – Fraser White
Play your Shirts Right saw the competitors guess whether the upcoming shirt would have a higher or lower number than the one that preceded it. Fraser White won the point for the West Stand on the day.

Fixture: Reading v Derby County
Challenge: Guess the Player
•    East Stand – Richard Forte
•    Eamonn Dolan Stand – Charlotte Baker
•    West/West Upper Stand – Keith Harbour

Winner: East Stand – Richard Forte
In a throwback for Saturday night TV fans, Guess the Player brought a little bit of ‘Catchphrase’ to Madejski Stadium. An obscured picture of a Reading player was displayed on the board, with a section of the obstruction removed for every incorrect answer. Richard Forte correctly guessed the player was George Evans and claimed a fourth point for the East Stand.

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