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“We have to take our medicine”

8 April 2017

Gunter on a big defeat in Norfolk

After a big defeat, there’s no place to hide – and defender Chris Gunter didn’t mince his words after suffering a 7-1 reverse in Norwich.

“After the last couple of weeks, you don’t envisage coming away and losing to that scoreline,” he said.  “It does hurt and it’s hard to take, and for sure it’ll hurt for a good couple of days.

“Sometimes if you lose by a big scoreline you’ll look back and think that they had the run of the ball slightly, but we lost 7-1 because we were unlucky – we lost because we were really poor and weren’t good enough.  That’s the bottom line and we deserved to get well beat.

“It’s a case of taking your medicine.  It’s not acceptable, but we have to take it.  We’ll take whatever’s thrown at us in the next couple of days and we’ll come back and move on.

“If you were to come in the changing room, you’d see a set of really disappointed people.  It always is after a defeat but it does sting and hurt more after that sort of scoreline – we’re professionals.

“After those kinds of defeats, it often gets labelled that people don’t care or didn’t try.  I can assure people that it’s not that.  We’ve been on a good run and we’ve got a big aim this season and we certainly didn’t come here and lose because we didn’t try or didn’t care.

“We have to move on.  One result isn’t going to determine our season.  Once we’ve gone through it and worked out exactly what happened, in a strange way we will be better for it hopefully.  It’ll hurt for a couple of days but we have to get back on it and try and put it right.

“You do learn as a footballer that after time you do move on from a defeat.  Some quicker than others, and this won’t go away for a good few days.  That’s our job – people will be disappointed, and they’ll be surprised and shocked by the result.  That’s where we have to be big enough to accept it.  It’s our job to look at why and make sure it doesn’t happen again – or even close – and be back at it at 3pm next Saturday.

“We have a big aim this season and at some point we have to move on.  And we will do that, like we have done in the past this season.  We have had some disappointing scorelines and big defeats and we’ve recovered quite quickly.  This is a big test for us.  We need to accept it, hard as it is, but we know it wasn’t good enough today.”

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