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Season Tickets 2017/18 – on sale now!

10 March 2017

Some case studies for our ‘early bird’ period

Season Tickets remain the cheapest way to watch the Royals at home and if you’re a Season Ticket Holder or Half Season Ticket Holder who is hoping to renew - or if you want to convert your Member Card into a Season Ticket for 2017-18 - be sure to sign up during the ‘early bird’ period to ensure you get the best price possible!

For full information about 2017/18 Season Tickets, click here.

In all four sections open to home supporters, renewing adults will pay less to watch the Royals next season, regardless of which division we are playing in!

You can purchase a Season Ticket for as little as £305 if you renew your Season Ticket and opt for a seat in the Eamonn Dolan Stand in 2017-18. That is as little as £13.26 per game should we remain in the Championship next season, or only £16.05 to watch every one of the 19 home Premier League games were we to win promotion at the end of this season!

Case study | Ady, 45, East Stand supporter who has been renewing for the last ten seasons …
Ady stuck by his side last summer despite two disappointing league seasons in the Championship. He got the best price last summer, renewing for a frozen rate of £375 in the summer of 2016. And yet Ady has been rewarded for his loyalty and can buy his ticket in the ‘early bird’ period for £350, a reduction of £25 to watch the Royals play either Championship or Premier League football in 2017-18.

Case study | Ivar, 39, Upper West supporter who signed up for a new ST last summer…
Ivar got behind the team and signed up for a new ST last season, paying £495 for some of the best seats to watch football from the Upper West in 2016-17. This season, with the team in the play-off places and in contention for Premier League football next season, Ivar can renew his Upper West Stand ST for £75 less, paying £420 during this early bird renewal period no matter which division he is watching us compete in next season.

The maximum any adult ST holder, renewing before Friday 7th April 2017, will pay per match should we remain in the Championship is £18.26 in the Upper West, a commitment to Twenty’s Plenty that has been taken another step further with the release of our ‘early bird’ pricing structure this week.

65 & Over (concession)
In all four sections open to home supporters, renewing 65 and over supporters will pay less to watch the Royals next season, regardless of which division we are playing in!

Our concession prices for those aged 65 and over mean ‘early birds’ can purchase a Season Ticket for an even lower price than this season; a reduction of between £15-£25 has brought a concession ticket in this age band down to just £200 if you renew now!

Case study | Ron, 81, Eamonn Dolan Stand supporter looking to renew his seat behind the goal…
Ron paid as little as £215 for his ST at Madejski Stadium this season, just £9.34 per home match over the course of what has been a very encouraging inaugural campaign under Jaap Stam. And yet Ron can renew his ST for even less in this four week period, paying just £200 in total for the full season! That means he could be watching us play in this division for as little as £8.69 or seeing the Royals take on the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea for little more than a tenner a game!

18-24 (concession)
In all four sections open to home supporters, renewing 18-24 year-olds will pay less to watch the Royals next season, regardless of which division we are playing in!

Two years ago, we altered our age bracket to open up cheaper tickets to young men and women, some gaining a qualification in further education and others starting out in the world of work – and prices remain extremely affordable for this concession band! Young men and women can sign up for a ST for 2017-18 for just £120 in the Eamonn Dolan Stand, Lower West and East Stand!

Case study | Liam, 21, Lower West supporter looking to renew his ST on the halfway line…
Liam has rent to pay not to mention Friday nights at the Purple Turtle – but he can’t be without watching his beloved Royals with his brother in the Lower West every weekend, and he doesn’t have to be! Liam will pay £15 less than he did this season to watch the Royals in 2017-18. That incredible £120 ST price equates to just £5.22 per match in the Championship, or potentially just £6.32 per match to watch Jaap Stam’s men lock horns with the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool. That’s less than a couple of pints in the Turtle!

17 & Under (child)
In all four sections open to home supporters, renewing 17 and under supporters will pay less to watch the Royals next season, regardless of which division we are playing in!

The cheapest season ticket on sale during this early bird period is priced at just £80, a price that has been lowered even further from this season’s cheapest £89 price tag. We want to encourage more young fans to come to the Madejski on a regular basis and so the price of the 17 and under ST has been frozen for all fans – but if you renew we can knock nearly a tenner of that price as reward for your loyalty this season!

Case study | Lucy, 16, Eamonn Dolan Stand supporter who has come to cheer on the Royals with her friends in an attempt to put off revising for her Maths GCSE…
Lucy doesn’t need a qualification in Maths to understand renewing her ST represents incredible value for money! She will pay £80, just £3.47 per match should we be battling for Championship points again next season, to sit at the top of the Eamonn Dolan Stand next season! Or, if things go very well towards the end of the current campaign, by renewing now Lucy can secure her seat to watch us play Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City here next season for a price that averages our at just £4.21!

7 & Under (child)
The fans of tomorrow are so important to us as a football club. And boys and girls aged 7 or younger can still come and watch every single home league match for FREE in 2017-18, when accompanied by a non-child ST holder! However, it is worth noting that the number of these free tickets the club are able to issue are limited.

Case study | Jack, 6, Upper West supporter who started to come along with his grandparents this season to watch his favourite player, Garath McCleary, in action!
Jack can sit in the best seats in the house for FREE. And if his Granddad renews to pay the concessionary price of £250 (a rate reduced by £55 compared to the price he paid for his first ST at Madejski Stadium at the start of this campaign), he can bring Jack every week and get twice the enjoyment out of a McCleary thunderbolt for the same price!

The Family
Why not bring the whole family? All families of two to four people can make further savings on their ST renewals if they purchase in B16, B17 or B18 blocks within the Eamonn Dolan Stand, renewing their seats for less than they paid in 2016-17!

Case study | Marcus, Amanda (both adults), Hunter and Austin (17 and 15 respectively) want to sign up for another season in the family section of our Eamonn Dolan Stand!
If renewing separately in the same stand, this family of four would pay a total of £770 for their STs next season – a group saving of £58 on this season’s prices. However, we can do better than that! By renewing during this four-week period AS A FAMILY, mum, dad and their two teenage boys would save a further £100 by paying a ‘Family Ticket’ price of just £670 for the full 2017-18 season, whether they end up watching second tier or top flight football!

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