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The Tilehurst End podcast: Academy Manager Lee Herron

28 March 2017

Academy Manager on all things Reading…

Our Academy Manager Lee Herron sat down for an extended interview with The Tilehurst End recently – and discussed a variety of topics around youth football and his time with Reading FC!

Into his 18th year with the club, Lee gave the low-down on his route to his current role, developing players capable of going pro in the current era, and working with Eamonn Dolan.

“It’s about special people,” said Herron.  “It’s about not having everything that some of the bigger clubs have, that means you have to fight more and think more cleverly about what you do.  You have to be outside the box, and never say never.

“Always believe in young players.  Young people are the heartbeat of the world; they are special and they can achieve phenomenal things, if only you give them the opportunity and the chance.  You have got to challenge them within that.

“We had and we have still a tremendous amount of loyal staff who go well beyond for the club, with quality too.  You can have all the hard work with the blood and sweat, but you have to have that intelligence and quality, and that ability to have a growth mindset.

“I think with being humble and trying to work with these players, and to keep relentlessly working with them, we have had success with that.  But for me it’s definitely a focus on people.”

You can listen to the extended interview in full below – just press play, and enjoy!

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