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Family flexibility means substantial savings for 2018-19

Buy or renew in the Family Area of the Eamonn Dolan Stand and pay a lot less!

14 May 2018

Earlier this year, Reading Football Club were announced as the EFL Championship Family Club of the Year.

But we won’t rest on our laurels.

Via our pricing strategy for Season Tickets in 2018-19, Season Ticket prices for families have become more affordable and a lot more flexible for next season.

Last season, a Family Ticket was sold through a ticket bundle discount package, allowing pre-set combinations of adults and children to make one specific saving on their Season Tickets. That was good… but we wanted to do better!

So in 2018-19, families can sit in the Family Area within the Eamonn Dolan Stand to receive the lowest prices in the stadium… and it will cost them less!

The discounted rate will be applied to each individual’s ticket – and the money saved on discounted Adult and Child Season Tickets in that section will mean families, whatever the size or age, will be sitting together for the whole season and could be paying significantly less than they did in 2017-18!

Let us explain!

CASE STUDY 1 | A simple saving
Dad, Elroy, wants to come to Madejski Stadium with his 16 year-old son, Peter, next season and is buying a Season Ticket for them both at Reading for the first time! In 2017-18, Elroy and Peter would have made a saving of £25 by purchasing a 1 Adult & 1 Child Season Ticket for a combined total of £409.

This season, Elroy’s new Season Ticket in the Family Area will cost £325 and Peter’s new Season Ticket will cost £59… a combined cost of £384, increasing the saving to £50!

CASE STUDY 2 | Added 12 & Under benefits
Terry and June are parents to two young children – Mark (12) and Andrea (10) and they want to bring the whole clan to Madejski Stadium for every game next season.

Last season, Terry and June would have paid £768 for a ‘2 Adults and 2 Children’ Family Season Ticket!

This year, both children now fall into our new 12 & Under age bracket – meaning the combined price for the family to visit Madejski Stadium in 2018-19 will be just £696 (£325+£325+£23+£23).

By issuing the new 12 & Under ticket to two of the group, the four of them will save £72 by using our new pricing structure!

CASE STUDY 3 | Added flexibility
Auntie Debbie (53) has been bringing her sister’s 14-year-old quadruplets, Noel, Stephen, Anton and Rio, to Madejski Stadium for a couple of years now. Last season, she saved cash by buying a ‘1 Adults and 2 Children’ Family ticket priced at £473, but she had to buy two more 17 & Under tickets on top of that to stop Anton and Rio from missing out! By renewing all five tickets, that took her total spend to £651 (£473+£89+£89) for 2017-18.

In 2018-19, she is not bound by the restrictions on the number of children she can bring to the Family Area and every individual’s ticket has the family discount applied to it – so this season she will renew for all five of them and pay a total of £541 (£305+£59+£59+£59+£59), saving an additional £110 thanks to the added flexibility this season!

How to buy or renew?
Your first stop in renewing is to visit and log in using your Member ID and surname – your PURL is the easiest way to review your Season Ticket for 2018-19.

Then, to renew or purchase a new Season Ticket for 2018-19, it is very straight forward. Go online and visit to sign yourself up for next season!

Or of course, you can also visit the Ticket Office in person to discuss your options for 2018-19 or call them on 0118 968 1313 and our team will guide you through the process.

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