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A fortnight of 'mental toughness, desire, workrate' ahead...

Royals boss on hatching a training plan during the international break...

3 September 2018

A number of our internationals will fly off with their countries for a large part of the next fortnight, but those who remain will be focus fixing things over the next fortnight on the training pitch.

"The best situation going into an international break is you win going into it. That is always the case. We've lost ours but the process will be the same," manager Paul Clement said after Saturday's game.

"Win, lose, draw, play well, play badly, we'll reflect on the performance, ask what do we need to work on, get back on the training ground, and go again.

“We will work with the players on the training field, the ones who are here during the break. And that’s the guarantee I can give every player, that we’ll do some really good training and that starts when we get back in on Monday morning.

"They’ll have the following weekend off when there are no games; it’s important not to flog them to death on the training ground, even if that’s what you might feel like doing sometimes!

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"But we have to remember that we’ve had six games...and there are 40 to go!

"It's a massive amount of football to play, so we’ll have some good training sessions this week and next and be ready for Preston.

"These two weeks will also give me a chance to take a step back and reflect on what has happened so far. And then aim to find some positive solutions to it and establish what we’re going to do moving forward.

"But there's no magic potion we can sprinkle on this. It'll be through mental toughness, desire, workrate...a lot of old fashioned stuff that sometimes isn't as valued as it should be."

"The start hasn't been good. Let's make sure it doesn't go into the next section of games. We've got to get this next bit right!"


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The Royals boss also made special mention of the fans who have stuck by us during a difficult start to the season.

"I feel for our supporters. They’ve not seen many wins over a long period of time and they have been supportive.

"They've been very patient. I think they see their players trying - obviously there are mistakes - but they want to come here and see their team do well.

"We're also very frustrated, it is demoralising when you're putting so much effort in and you're not getting the results that you want.

"They’re not getting on our backs when maybe they’ve got a right to do so.

"We have to perform better, but at the same time, I am appreciative of them sticking by us during this hard period.

"And if they’re doing that, we certainly need to do that as well – make sure we’re not looking for scapegoats, people to blame. Instead, we have to pull together and find solutions to the situation.

"Adversity can bring the worst out of people, but it can also bring the best out of people. You can dig in, stick together. And that's what we'll be doing."

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