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"Relax and lose your focus for a second, your opponent will take advantage"

Royals boss splits his post-match analysis into two - a solid first half followed by a disappointing second half at Hull

6 April 2019

A game of two halves, but the Royals leave Hull with nothing to show for their efforts. And the battle intensifies.

"The best way to reflect on this game is to split the analysis into two parts - the first half and the second half," manager José Gomes began.

"The first half we were very solid defensively, we blocked the strongest points of the opponent and they didn't find a way to our goal. My players did really well.

"At half-time, we had three points in our pocket. But in football, the Championship especially, if you relax just for a second the opponent will take advantage.

"In the second half, we lost our focus. We made some bad decisions and we made some bad actions and we gave two goals away.

"We could have scored when we had a counter attack with lots of players, we could have scored when Barrow had a chance against the goalkeeper. If we score in those situations, everything in the game could change.

"But this is football. If you don't kill the game when you get the chance, your opponent will kill you.

"Last week, we won, and we got a lot of positive results from the pitches where our direct opponents were playing - and last week we weren't the best team in the world.

"This week, it is the opposite - we have lost and our direct opponents have won, and we are not the worst team in the world.

"So we have to keep an emotional balance, our focus, to allow the players to recover and be better on Wednesday. And hopefully we'll get it right on Wednesday night."

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