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"I will take the responsibility for the defeat"

Royals boss reflects on how conceding the first goal hit is players hard against Charlton

31 August 2019

"A lot of bad things happened in the second half, things that I didn't like. But I am the only one responsible for this result," Royals boss José Gomes began in reacting to today's defeat.

"It was a difficult day. Because we didn't get the points that we needed, that we wanted, that we prepared for.

"We have two weeks until the next game and I will now help my players be better and do the right things."

"We played very well in the first half, creating enough good chances to score. But we didn't score.

"And when they scored at the start of the second half, my team looked scared.

"It's not easy to score against our team - so when they scored, via a deflection, we looked scared and felt pressure.

"Teams will score goals against us, it can happen. So we have to find a way to keep the same energy, keep looking for a way to the opposition's goal - and we didn't.

"That is why I made the changes I made. Three centre backs and a holding midfielder was enough to stop their counter attacks. But the idea was to show the team that we can still win, that we can turn things around.

"Just because they scored one goal, it's not as if we can't find energy inside our bodies to score a goal against Charlton. We must do it. That's what I was trying to tell them.

"We tried, we created some good situations, but not enough. So I'm not happy with the result. I'm not happy about the way we played in the second half. And I have to take responsibility for this game and look at the positives and the negatives to make us stronger.

"I take all the decisions, which players play, which substitutions I make - so sometimes it is easy to say this or that player didn't play to his maximum.

"But we cannot give all the responsibility to my players. I must assume everything.

"I am frustrated because I really expected, with the gameplan we had, to win the game. And the first half showed that we could stop their strongest points, block their offensive dynamic and create goal situations to score. 

"So it's a step back. But we are still on the right track, I am sure."

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