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José | "It was an important step, but just step"

Royals boss relieved after sealing late home win!

13 February 2019

It was written in the stars. Nelson Oliveira returned from a horrible injury to score a fabulous winner for the Royals, lifting us out of the bottom three. But a delightedJosé Gomes will remain grounded.

"It’s an important step, but it’s just one step. We have a long way in front of us and a lot of steps to make.

"So I'm happy. But I have my feet on the ground. I'm not dreaming," he said in his post-match reflections.

"I am very happy especially for my players. Also for Reading and our situation, and the position we’re at in the table. But my players – they have been working very, very well. And very hard.

"They accept all of the training proposals that we give them, and the very hard things that they must do.

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13 February 2019

"Sometimes I can understand why they start playing like we did in the first half today – making wrong decisions and losing the ball. It’s because I demand a lot from play at a very high level, with quality, out from the back.

"It’s because I believe that this is the way, and we showed in the second half that when we play together under our process, it is possible to create goal situations this way.

"It is a very important three points for the situation that we’re in. And it’s the first time this season that Reading have collected points in four consecutive games. So it means that we on the right track.

Club News

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13 February 2019

"Our fans came to support the players tonight. You felt throughout the game that they were here to help.

"And another important thing was the team spirit, from the beginning. Even when we weren’t playing well, we had a very strong spirit.

"When you play like a team, with good people, it is easier to collect points.

"That is why we’re happy. In the end, we felt in the changing room that it was a result of the work we have been doing and the result of being a strong team.

"Sometimes you play well, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you make the right decisions and sometimes the wrong ones. But when you play like a team, everything gets easier."

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