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More than 80 winners in our Owners’ Raffle

Top prizes won by Royals fans in our festive draw...

2 January 2019

At our recent home fixture against Middlesbrough, every Reading supporter who came through the turnstiles was entered into a prize draw to win some fantastic prizes.

The Owners’ Raffle saw plenty of treats given away thanks to the generosity of Mr Dai Yongge and Ms Dai Xiu Li, owners of the club.  A grand total of 83 gifts have been given away, including an Apple iPhone X Plus, a Hospitality package for 10, and plenty of festive hampers and picnic backpacks.

Names of the winners were listed on the big screen at half-time, and some of the prizes were claimed by supporters on the matchday.

There are still a few supporters who are yet to claim their prizes.  If your name is on the list below but you are yet to claim your prize, you can email to get in touch.

Here are our winners and where they sat for the Boro match:

Oliver Douglas Y23
Joseph Norris B15
Vanessa Cook B18
Dylan Harrison G8
Sophie Bowman Y22
Isabel Walsh Y21
Henry Pyman B18
Tyler Braggins B16
Chloe Huskinson GU3
Kyle Cusick Y23
Adam Divall G9
Caroline Purton G8
Philip Willcock G9
Virginie Six G9
Kieran Jenkins GU9
Simon Goddard B13
Nigel Bone GU10
Antony James G7
Barry Eastment GU8
Leslie Fuller Y20
Karen Shenton Y25
David Witney GU12
Dane Marshall Y26
Michael Bond Y22
Nigel Ash G5
Keith Champion B17
Simon Ellis GU8
Anthony Bond Y19
Kevin Purser GU11
William Walker B16
Brian Deards B12
Neville Bedding Y21
George Wakefield Y24
Clare Jones B17
Brandon Wilkins R31
Chris Norrington GU5
Melissa Vero Hospitality
George Lenton-hall B16
Peter Mills G7
Brian Broad Y25
Lucy Prince Y22
Paul Mackie B15
Geoffrey King Y22
Andy Scott B18
Callum Yates Y26
Joan Ambler B17
Mehrdad Ekbatani GU9
Michael Atkinson GU8
Kim Gill Y22
Roger Tillett GU9
Paul Webster G10
Harry Pennington Y24
Jacob Alder Y20
Graham Queripel B18
Mel Jacob GU9
Peter James G4
James Wiggins B16
Margaret Budd G3
Morgan Boniface Y26
Lucy Holloway G9
Brian Stevens Y21
Marilyn Collings GU5
Alan Stevens B17
Glynn Davies B15
Daniel Hitch B14
John Langford GU12
Alanda Monger G9
Christopher Dobson G7
John Sharman GU8
John Boother GU9
Lilian Feasey G5
Jamie Walker Y26
Andy Murray Y25
James Forrest Y21
Alex Martin Y21
Bryan Smith G5
Mark Dobson Y23
Martin Saunders Y19
Anthony Clift Y23
Ian Preedy GU9
Geoffrey Budd B14
Andrew Sipson Y21
Clifford Edgington G5


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