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"We must learn and show we have learned"

Royals boss' reflection on a home defeat to Blackburn Rovers

21 September 2019

Royals boss José Gomes was disappointed following defeat to Tony Mowbray's Blackburn Rovers this afternoon, but confident that these errors can and will be ironed out by improving together as a group.

"When we lose we must catch the responsibility with both hands," Gomes began. "Not say it's not my responsilbility, it's because of the grass or because of the weather, or this or that.

"We can learn a lot when we lose. And this is the point. We must learn and show we have learned in the next game."

"We prepared all week for this game but we made a very bad start and we gave away a lot of space to our opponent. I was very upset with the players at half-time.

"We were ready to start the second half with a new spirit, a new energy and then the worst thing that can happen, happened - we conceded a second goal. 

"My players didn't give up and we created some chances, but it wasn't enough. We gave them the first 45 minutes and we couldn't recover. It is hard to win a game when you give 45 minutes to your opponent.

"But now we need to trust in our players and believe that they will give us the victories we are expecting. 

"I don't like cheap words. It's very easy to talk. So we have to show the things on the pitch. And I am sure we will get the results we need this season.

"Today, we made some tactical mistakes that we haven't made before. They are different problems to last week's. It think it would be impossible to repeat these mistakes, so the team will improve.

"The Championship has a lot of games. 38 more now. We can look at the table and say that we should be getting more points.

"But what really counts is how many you have at the end of the season.

"I spoke with my players after the game and we are together in feeling we can turn this situation very soon."

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