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💬 "A win, a good performance and all with our fans back supporting was the perfect day"

Pauno on the fans, his welcome, the win and what we learned from playing against ten men in midweek...

5 December 2020

The cheer when the players came out to warm up. The roar when they emerged from the tunnel, the audible and visible celebrations in the East Stand as we scored once, then twice. And the congratulations from the fans at the final whistle. 2,000 fans gave us the support we have missed so much.

"I'm absolutely feeling great," Pauno began his post-match reaction. "Winning. Playing good football. And having the fans back. It has all helped make everyone remember this day as a special one.

"Our fans' support was better than I expected from only 2,000 supporters. From the moment we stepped on the field for the warm-up, I felt the warmth of their support, their eagerness to get behind the team.

"It was fantastic, a unique moment to be honest. And it was a perfect day."

The game swung when Ryan Yates instinctively hooked the ball off his goalline with a hand, saw red and conceded a penalty which Lucas Joao tucked away with aplomb.

"I believe that moment changed the game in our favour. And from the that moment I felt a challenge to get the most out of the game.

"So after we scored the penalty, we got a few more opportunities which we have to convert. But we lost the focus from why we are here today; we started to play a beautiful game but not competing.

"That is something we addressed at half-time and we came out with a purpose to win the game and to score a second.

"That second goal came soon after with the corner kick and Morro's header.

"But we had to learn from playing against ten men in midweek. We have to be patient, but today we had to have intent in our attacks. We had to finish our actions.

"We had a lot of shots on goal, but most importantly today, they were purposeful shots. Shots where we want to hit the net, not just hit the target.

"We could have scored more today with a little bit more concentration, direction and control. Thiose chances we missed just after the penalty, were a case of over-excitement from the players. 

"We had our fans here and the team understood we had to deliver today. And we showed why we are all here, to provide a spectacle for the fans by winning games.

"And we could not lose this opportunity to keep building this new momentum."

And the final word for our fans, who cheered the name of our manager on the touchline...

"In that moment, I didn't realise they were shouting my name - until our club secretary Sue Hewett told me, 'Pauno, Pauno they are shouting your name!'.

"Then I acknowledged their chant and it was a moment which was very exciting.

"I didn't expect it, but I am very grateful for the support and the warmth I received. It was special and unique because it was organic.

"And it was unforgettable. Thank you to the fans for that."

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