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💬 "We take too long to recover from mistakes or missed opportunities."

Royals boss Veljko Paunovic calls for more maturity, more self-pride, total honour, urgency and positive anger...

9 December 2020

Royals boss Veljko Paunovic had to reflect on a missed opportunity to take a point or more from a meeting with Birmingham City this evening.

"The first half was not good. They had the better start and that gave them the confidence and allowed them to build their momentum from their win over Bristol City at the weekend.

"On the other hand, we weren't fresh. And when they got a shot on goal, they were clinicial.

"In every game we play, when I sense the urgency in our team, when I sense a bit of positive anger, and when we play with honour - we always get perfomances and the results.

"When we drop one of these or if one of these is not 100% there, it's when we give our opponents a chance. 

"In the second half, we were better. We created, we scored at the right time and then we got the penalty.

"But...and this is the crucial moment in the game...even though we missed, we cannot be affected more than we should be.

"People can miss penalties. It happens in football. It was one situation that didn't work - but the attitude should be 'let's work and look for the next opportunity.

"It took us too long to recover from that missed opportunity. We lost precious time and then we started to rush things. 

"We were too busy thinking about what would have happened if we'd scored - and I think we could well have gone on to win the game if we had scored that penalty.

"But you can't dwell on it - there is no time. This is a live game, you have to get the ball down and play until the end and you have to appreciate the time you have to get back into the game.

"It's something we have to address and improve. We have to be more mature, playing against teams who come here determined to get something from the game.

"We give too much to our opponents and we have to respect ourselves. I think we have to have more self-pride here in our stadium, in front of our fans. And we have to learn from this."

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