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👩‍⚕️ Mind | Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Extremely useful advice from the EFL's charity partners

17 March 2020

The EFL's charity partners, Mind, have issued detailed advice about how to keep up your mental health during what is an uncertain time for everyone.

Club News

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16 March 2020

They have stressed the importance of keeping your mind and body active during this time if you can, even if you are self-isolating.

If you do have to stay at home for two weeks during this period, Mind have compiled a handy checklist to make sure you are prepared for such an occasion, as follows:

  • Food: do you have a way to get food delivered?
  • Cleaning: are your cleaning supplies stocked up?
  • Money: can you budget for any higher bills or expenses? Will you save money from lower transport costs that you could spend elsewhere?
  • Work: can you work from home or not? If not, what are your rights to payment or benefits?
  • Medication: do you have enough medication, or a way to get more?
  • Health: can you reorganise any planned therapy or treatments?
  • Commitments: can someone else help you care for any dependents, walk your dog, or take care of any other commitments?
  • Connectivity: have you checked the contact details of the people you see regularly, like their phone numbers or email addresses?
  • Routine: can you create a routine or timetable for yourself? And if you live with other people, should you create a household schedule? Do you need to agree how the household will run with everyone at home all day?
  • Exercise: is there any physical activity you can do inside your home, such as going up and down the stairs, using bean tins as weights, or exercises you can do in your chair?
  • Nature: have you thought how you could access nature? Can you get some seeds and planting equipment, houseplants or living herbs?
  • Entertainment: have you thought about things to do, books to read or TV shows to watch?
  • Relax: have you got materials so you can do something creative, such as paper and colouring pencils?

Mind have also stressed the importance of communication with your friends and those around you, be it by picking up the phone, video calling people or simply listening to a chatty podcast if you need it.

We thoroughly recommend that you take a look at Mind's detailed and useful guide for how to keep up your mental wellbeing during this unprecedented time. Click here for Mind's full guidance.

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