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🤔 The life of a captain | Wage deferral discussions, communication with the club and adopting an ambassadorial role...

"Eventually we got to a decision and I’m really pleased we could get it done and that it can help the club"

31 May 2020

Little did Liam Moore realise when he was awarded the club captaincy in the summer, that it would be his task to not only lead the team on the pitch but, off it, to organise a mutually agreed wage deferral amongst his first team comrades from lockdown during a global pandemic.

"As you know I've been dealing with this in what is my first year as captain. And it has been Boris’ first year as Prime Minister and he’s certainly had a lot thown at him!" Moore smiled.

"As a group of players, I feel like we’ve handled it fairly well. We’ve got a big squad, so I had to speak to every individual.

"A lot of different nationalities as well so I tried to explain exactly what the situation is, the reasons why we needed to do this, how it was going to help the club financially. And then there was the legal side of it all as well.

"Throughout the club have been fantastic, I’ve had a lot of calls between me and Nigel Howe and he’s been really good. And eventually we got to a decision and I’m really pleased we could get it done and that it can help the club."

Players have also come together to make donations to local hospitals and Moore has been busy signing up to an ambassadorial role with a charity trying to raise funds for the supply of PPE to local and care workers.

"My father in law got in contact with the charity," he explained. "They were looking for ambassadors up and down the country and he had a conversation with me.

"I had a really good chat with them, they’re doing some fantastic work - they can get their hands on PPE, it’s just a case of donations and I felt in my position and with a decent following on social media, I could help put the word out there.

"Over the upcoming days and weeks, I’m going to be doing a range of different things, raffles, phone calls, video calls, basically whatever it takes to raise some money for a good cause."

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