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🎫 Season Ticket deposits open to new supporters; further chance for seat renewals

More opportunities to commit for 2020-21

7 October 2020

We are very pleased to today open our Season Ticket deposits to new supporters, as well as offering any Season Ticket holders from 2019-20 a further chance to keep their seat for the current campaign.

Until last week, Season Ticket deposits were only open for renewals to 2019-20 Season Ticket holders. We are very pleased to report that over two-thirds of our fans have placed their down-payment on their 2020-21 ticket – a fantastic show of loyalty from Royals supporters during these strange days!

And now, we are opening up the opportunity to pay a retainer fee for Season Tickets to new supporters, as well as giving any renewing fans an additional chance to claim their usual seat. (Please note – new supporters who pay a Season Ticket deposit will not be able to select their seat until we are ready to return to full-capacity matches.)

Why have we pushed back the renewal deadline, when our Season Ticket holders knew the cut-off date? Well, government guidance has changed since when we launched the renewal scheme in mid-September… and the feedback we have received from many supporters is that they did not want to commit before knowing whether they could come back to Madejski Stadium this season.

We understand this circumstance completely, especially in light of the change in government guidance in the last few weeks – which is why we have taken the decision to keep seats reserved until further notice for those fans who have not yet renewed. But it’s worth reiterating: your deposit will not go to waste in any case. If it occurs that fans are still not able to attend in 2020-21, your deposit will roll over to 2021-22.

And for those fans who have already renewed, your loyalty and commitment is hugely appreciated and duly noted – you will receive first priority to attend any limited-capacity matches when we first return to RG2 (see below for more information).

We know that you can’t wait to see Pauno and the team in action again in RG2… especially after such a strong start to the new season! The hard work continues behind the scenes so that we can welcome fans as soon as we get the green light – join us on our journey.

How does the Season Ticket deposit work?

This is just ‘Part 1’ of your Season Ticket – our fans are not being asked to pay for their full Season Ticket yet, as we won’t be able to calculate that cost until we know how many games are going to be included. Instead, we are taking a deposit from supporters dependent on their age group.

Once we know how many games will be included, the total cost of a supporter’s Season Ticket will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, dependent on the stand and age group (so for example if we return to full-capacity with 9 games remaining, the total cost of the Season Ticket would be 9/23 of the usual full price).

Then the deposit will be deducted from the total cost to give the outstanding balance, which will then need to be paid.

How much are Season Tickets?

Initial deposits for Season Tickets are as follows:

Season Ticket category 2020-21 initial payment
Adult £60
65 & Over £45
18 to 24 £35
17 & Under £25
12 & Under £10

Please click here to see a table of prices for Season Tickets, based on full prices.

These prices have been frozen across all age groups and stands from the 2019-20 season for renewing supporters, while new supporters can expect to pay slightly more.

As mentioned above, the actual cost of Season Tickets will be calculated on a pro-rata basis depending on how many games are included, and the paid deposit will be deducted from the total cost.

How will priority status work for limited-capacity matches?

Before we return to full-capacity matches (and therefore before Season Ticket seating becomes valid), it is likely that we will need to host a pilot event and some limited-capacity matches.

In these instances, it is possible that demand for tickets will outweigh the number of tickets available. In this case, tickets will be put on sale to supporters in the following order of priority:

  • 1st – Renewing Season Ticket holders from 2019-20 who paid their deposit before the October 2nd deadline
  • 2nd – Renewing Season Ticket holders from 2019-20 who paid their deposit after the October 2nd deadline
  • 3rd – Any new Season Ticket holders for the 2020-21 campaign

If necessary, on-sale timings for priority groups may also be subdivided dependent on number of Loyalty Points accrued. All on-sale dates and times will be communicated before tickets go on sale, and Reading FC reserves the right to set or amend sales criteria for any limited-capacity matches.

All tickets for these games will be priced at the pro-rata rate based on the Season Ticket holder’s seat.

What are the cut-off dates?

At present, deposits for Season Ticket renewals and new Season Tickets are running indefinitely until further notice.

How can I pay my deposit for my 2020-21 Season Ticket?


All Season Ticket deposits should be made online at our Ticket Office website at by clicking here.

Will I need to have a Royals Account to pay my deposit online?

Since May 2019, all supporters buying any tickets online have been required to have a Royals Account to make their purchase.

If you don't have a Royals Account yet, you will need to make a new one - but please make sure you follow the instructions carefully in order to link your existing ticket purchase history to your new Royals Account (especially applicable for renewing Season Ticket holders!)

When linking your Royals Account, you will come across a page which looks like the below - please read it carefully. Please do not create a new ticketing profile unless you have not purchased with us before. All supporters should link existing ticket history using their Season Ticket or Member ID wherever possible.

ra oct2020.jpg

Click here to visit our Royals Account page to sign in or sign up.

What happens if I am still struggling to buy online?

If you are unable to complete your purchase online, please email and a member of our Ticket Office will aim to help you as soon as possible.

Please be aware that it may take a few days to be able to reply to your email so we appreciate your patience. We would politely request that supporters only send one email and await a reply, rather than sending several emails.

If you have any friends or family members who have been through this process already, we would encourage you to first call on their support as they may be able to help you through the process. We also have an FAQ document which answers a lot of regularly occuring questions from our fans.


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