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💬 "It's become harder, but not impossible"

Royals boss reflects on a disappointing draw but refuses to give

21 April 2021

Six points adrift...but nine still available. It is not in our manager's ethos to give up, despite a disappointing draw at Luton this evening.

"It is a draw, but it feels like a loss," Pauno admitted after the goalless affair.

"We are missing the end product at the moment. You can't expect to create a lot of chances at this stage of the season. But you have to know that when that chance comes, it is probably going to be a difficult chance, you'll be dealing with the opponent on your back - but you have to make it happen. You have to convert.

"In the first half, we had that chance with a header - a clear chance to score. But being clinical is what we have been missing in the last month. 

"In every single game we've played, we've had opportunities to score. Some would have been match-winners in important games that have ended up being draws. 

"Finishing is a big part of my way of seeing football and there has been an emphasis on that in training, we always work on that.

"It's easier to convert chances in training, but when you are tired, under pressure in a game, that's when you have to be clinical in your execution. That's the level we have to get to again as soon as possible.

"Things are becoming harder now...but not impossible. We don't give up. If we see signs of giving up...that's not us.

"We will keep our guys tuned in, we will keep fighting. We have seen that things can change very quickly in football.

"In football, you have to be ready for your opportunity. And our opportunity could come this Sunday. We have to be at our best, we have to have our team ready to compete with Swansea and then look to see if things develop in the right way for us.

"As long as you jhave life - and we still have life - we will fight for the play-offs."

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