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E-Cash for Season Ticket Holders

Activating you card 

  1. Please login to your Royals Rewards portal at
    • Please put your username as either your Member ID or the email address you use to login to (our online shop)
    • Please use the password you have for
    • If you are unsure of your login details, please contact the Ticket Office by calling 0118 968 1313 or emailing
  1. Click the ‘E-Cash’ button in the top dialogue box
  1. On the E-Cash page, click ‘Setup New card’ 
  1. You will then see a dialogue box where you can setup rules for automated top-up
    • 'Minimum Threshold' is the amount on your balance that will determine when you will auto top-up your account
    • 'Top-Up Amount' is the amount of money that will be loaded onto your account when your E-Cash balance falls below the Minimum Threshold
    • For example: If have £10 for both Auto Top-Up and Minimum Threshold, and you purchase an item for £2, it will reduce your E-Cash balance to £8. The system will then automatically top-up your account to a balance of £18 
  1. Click ‘Activate’ to complete the activation process

Topping-Up your card 

  1. Fill out the bank details of the account you would like to transfer money from and click ‘next’ 
  1. Please complete the process until you have reached the confirmation page on your Royals Rewards portal 

Using your card 

  1. To finalise the activation process and be able to make contactless payments, you will need to make a one-off payment using the chip and pin function
  1. You should have received your new four-digit pin code when you received your Season Ticket card. If you no longer have access to this letter, or the pin isn’t legible, you can gain access to your pin via the E-Cash page on your Royals Rewards portal 
  1. Once you have completed your one-off chip and pin purchase, you should be able to begin making contactless payments moving forward

At present, you can earn 1 Royals Rewards point per £1 spent at the following locations:

  • Madejski Stadium Megastore
  • At the food & drink kiosks on the Madejski Stadium concourse
  • At the Millenium Madejski Hotel