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The new Championship season begins in earnest on Friday 6th August 2021 and we need you with us.

Football without its fans lost its soul, struggled to find its purpose. So we need supporters back in our stands from the start of next season. And, to celebrate 150 years of Reading Football Club, we want Madejski Stadium to again form the focal point for our town to come together.

How do I renew or purchase a new Season Ticket?

  • 🛒 The quickest and easiest method of renewing your Season Ticket is online at If you need assistance, please contact the club via email: or by phone: 0118 968 1313. There will be no in person sales.

  • 👨‍🦽 If you are a registered disabled supporter, you should also renew online at However, if you require help with the process, you can email This is also where supporters can request a personal assistant ticket be processed.

How much does a Season Ticket cost?

  • On sale for fans who held a Season Ticket in 2019-20 and all supporters with a 2020-21 Part 1 Season Ticket: Tuesday 25th May, 10am
  • General Sale: Tuesday 1st June, 10am
  • Renewal Deadline Day: Friday 25th June, 5pm
2021-22 Season Tickets
The Eamonn Dolan Stand
Family Area (at least 1 child per purchase)

Renewal price

Per game
Standard price
Per game
Adult £305 £13.26 £325 £14.13
65 & Over £215 £9.35 £235 £10.22
18-24 £130 £5.65 £145 £6.30
17 & Under £59 £2.57 £59 £2.57
12 & Under £23 £1 £23 £1
The Eamonn Dolan Stand
Renewal price
Per game
Standard price Per game
Adult £325 £14.13 £345 £15
65 & Over £215 £9.35 £235 £10.22
18-24 £130 £5.65 £145 £6.30
17 & Under £89 £3.87 £89 £3.87
12 & Under £49 £2.13 £49 £2.13
South Stand - Club 1871 (Unreserved)
Renewal price
Per game
Standard price
Per game
Adult £299 £13 £319 £13.87
65 & Over £215 £9.35 £235 £10.22
18-24 £130 £5.65 £145 £6.30
17 & Under £89 £3.87 £89 £3.87
12 & Under N/A
Lower West & East Stands
Renewal price
Per game
Standard price
Per game
Adult £375 £16.30 £395 £17.17
65 & Over £230 £10 £250 £10.87
18-24 £130 £5.65 £145 £6.30
17 & Under £99 £4.30 £99 £4.30
12 & Under £59 £2.57 £59 £2.57
Upper West Stand
Renewal price Per game
Standard price
Per game
Adult £425 £18.48 £445 £19.35
65 & Over £275 £11.96 £295 £12.83
18-24 £155 £6.74 £170 £7.39
17 & Under £120 £5.22 £120 £5.22
12 & Under £89 £3.87 £89 £3.87

Key dates | When can you renew or sign up?

  • 📅 From 10am on Tuesday 25th May we will go on sale to all fans who held a 2019-20 Season Ticket and all supporters who paid a retainer fee and purchased a ‘Part 1’ Season Ticket in 2020-21.

  • 🗓️ From 10am on Tuesday 1st June we will go on general sale to all supporters.

  • 💺 After 5pm on Friday 25th June, Season Tickets sales will temporarily halt to prepare for Movers Period. Any seats that are not renewed by this date may become available to others.

  • 🔄 From 10am on Wednesday 30th June, Movers Period will begin - allowing fans to change their seat to any which has not been reserved already.

  • ✔️ On Thursday 1st July, Season Tickets are back on sale to all supporters.

What you need to know…

  • 💷 Renewal prices have been frozen from 2019-20! All supporters who held a Season Ticket in 2019-20 will be able to purchase a Season Ticket for our 150th anniversary season at the lower renewal price - and their seats will be reserved until the renewal deadline of Friday 25th June 2021

  • 💰 Adults renewing will be paying as little as £13 per game, while 65s and over who renew can pay less than a tenner per match.

  • 👛 Those aged 18-24 will pay an average of just £5.65 per game! And if you’re 17 and under you’ll pay just over £2.50 for the privilege of a place in the Eamonn Dolan Stand each match.

  • 🔵 12 and under? You can watch every single home match next season for a total price of £23 in the Family Area! 23 games for £23! And you can also sign your child up to a Young Royals membership for 2021-22.

  • 🔄 If you requested credit from the 2019-20 season, you can use your credit vouchers towards the cost of your 2021-22 Season Ticket.

  • 💸 If you paid a retainer fee and purchased a ‘Part 1’ Season Ticket last season, this fee will automatically be deducted when you process your ST purchase online.

  • 🧣 The popular Club 1871 is moving…to the other side of the South Stand. This season, for the first time, the vocal support from the East Stand will unite in song with its Club 1871 neighbours to create a superb atmosphere. Unreserved seating in Club 1871 will continue in 2021-22.

  • 🎁 A special limited edition 150th anniversary gift pack will be sent to Season Ticket holders along with a brand new card for 2021-22. These commemorative gifts – an image-led timeline book chronologising the club’s 150 years so far and a bespoke pin badge entirely exclusive to Season Ticket Holders - are available on a first come, first served basis…so act fast and renew quickly to avoid disappointment!


All the key dates regarding 2021-22 Season Tickets are listed below.

  • Tuesday 25th May: On sale from 10am to only those fans who held or 2019-20 Season Ticket and those supporters who purchased a 2020-21 Part 1 Season Ticket.
  • Tuesday 1st June: All supporters can purchase.
  • Friday 25th June: Season Ticket Holders from the 2019-20 Season will have their seats reserved up until 5pm on Friday 25th June. The renewal price will only apply to this set of supporters.
  • From 5pm on Friday 25th June until 10am on Wednesday 30th June: Season Tickets will remain off sale to prepare for Movers period.
  • Wednesday 30th June: Seat Moves: If a seat is not reserved, then a supporter can move at any time. Any seats that are not renewed by the renewal deadline may become available to move into from 10am on Wednesday 30th This day will exclusively be for seat moves.
  • Thursday 1st July: Season Tickets back on sale and will remain on sale until the start of the season.

After an incredibly challenging 12 months, we understand that some supporters may be reluctant to commit to a Season Ticket due to the uncertainty that continues to surround spectator attendance.

Therefore, we have committed to introducing a pandemic promise for the 2021-22 season.

If a match which forms part of a Season Ticket is either cancelled, played without supporters in attendance (played behind closed doors) then the Club shall provide the holder with a refund for that match on a pro-rata basis no longer than 30 days from the fixture.

Further information will be communicated to Season Ticket Holders should this scenario arise.

Sadly, we are not in a position to guarantee this, however the indications look very positive which is why we are releasing 2021-22 Season Tickets now.

We will do everything we possibly can to ensure fans return to Madejski Stadium as soon as possible and a huge amount of work is going on behind the scenes to achieve this.

During the 2020-21 Season, supporters had the opportunity to purchase an initial payment towards a full Season Ticket. This gave supporters priority to purchase matches that were played at reduced capacity at a pro-rata price. It also served as a down payment on the balance of your Season Ticket once we returned to full capacity and kept your 2019-20 seat on reserve.

Unfortunately, we did not return to full capacity in 2020-21, so any supporter who purchased a 2020-21 Part 1 Season Ticket will have that cost deducted from their 2021-22 Season Ticket in the basket.

For any supporters who purchased a Part 1 Season Ticket who did not have a Season Ticket seat in 2019-20, will have a priority period up to 10am on Tuesday 1st June to purchase an available seat.

Our full table of prices is listed above.

Supporters who held a season Ticket in 2019-20 will be able to benefit from the renewal price up until 5pm on Friday 25th June.

After this date, your seat will not be reserved and the ‘new’ price will be charged.

Supporters are encouraged to purchase online via, if you need assistance please email or phone 0118 968 1313. There will be no in person sales.

If you are a registered disabled supporter you should also renew online but email to request for your personal assistant ticket to be processed for you. You will need to include your name and Supporter ID.

To use the online system, supporters are required to set up a Royals Account.

Creating a Royals Account is a quick and easy one-off process.

For any fan who has not yet registered their Royals Account, a step-by-step walkthrough and a FAQ page should offer any additional help you need.

This will automatically be deducted from the cost of your Season Ticket once you add it to the basket.

Yes, supporters who applied for a credit from the 2019-20 season will be able to use their credit vouchers which were sent via email in September 2020.  

Once will be able to enter each gift voucher number at the checkout stage in the ‘Voucher No.’ box and then click ‘Check’.  The system will then display the value of that voucher number and will give you the choice of how much of the value you would like to use before clicking ‘Redeem’. It is possible to redeem multiple voucher numbers in one transaction.

If you have any queries regarding your vouchers, please email

You can manage your friends and family within your online account by clicking on 'personal details' at the top of the page when you hover over your name.

If your friend or family member already has an account, then you can link it to your account so you can purchase tickets on their behalf.

If they have not got an account, then you can create an account for them, although we would recommend to only do this for supporters who do not need to access/manage their own account such as young children.

Within managing your friends and family you can set who you want to be in a 'Strong Relationship' with. This is defined by having a Group Lead to define who is usually the “decision maker” within that group.

Anyone within a 'Strong Relationship' can purchase tickets for others within the group, but also purchase Season Ticket's on each other’s behalf and view transactional and loyalty point history. So, we would recommend this for family's and a close group of friends. Please note, that you can only be in one 'Strong Relationship' group.

Once you have other supporters within your friends and family list, you will be able to assign the owner for each ticket in your basket from your friends and family list. Within the basket there is a tick box at the top of the page to assign owners. Once this box is ticked you can click on a little pencil next to your name to assign each ticket to each owner.

If a seat is not reserved, then a supporter can move at any time by contacting our sales team. Any seats that are not renewed by the renewal deadline may become available to move into. More information will be released about a ‘movers period’ closer to the renewal deadline but this period will commence from Wednesday 30th June.

The price of your Season Ticket is determined by the age that you will be as of 1st August 2021.

For example, if you are currently 24 and you turn 25 on or before 1st August 2021, you will be required to pay an Adult price.

This applies to all supporters except for those who are renewing and are due to turn 65 during the course of the 2021-22 season who will be able to renew at a concessionary price in advance of their 65th birthday - an early birthday present for all who are due to celebrate the milestone at any time between now and the end of May 2022.

Regular checks are made of Concession ticket usage at the turnstiles.  Any supporters purchasing age-related Concession prices are advised to bring a form of identification with them to the match. Staff may challenge anyone considered not to be a genuine Concession and request proof of age.  Misuse of this Season Ticket may result in the holder being refused entry to or ejected from the ground in respect of a particular match and/or the cancellation and withdrawal of their Season Ticket. For full terms and conditions please click here.

Yes, we have partnered with V12 Finance.

We have two finance options available, subject to credit acceptance.

  • 4 Monthly instalments, 4.85% admin fee paid on the first instalment
  • 10 Monthly instalments, 7.65% admin fee paid on the first instalment

We are only able to offer the finance online as we are not permitted to apply for finance on your behalf.

To purchase a Season Ticket through V12 Finance you must provide the following information on your application:

  • 3 years’ address history
  • Employment and income information
  • Your bank account number and sort code to set up a direct debit in your name
  • You must complete your purchase and sign the online agreement within 45 minutes to secure your seats, so please make sure you have the above information prior to starting your application

All Season Ticket Holders will receive a new 150th Anniversary Season Ticket Card.

A special limited edition 150th anniversary gift pack will also be sent to supporters with their new card. The packs will be issued on a first come first serve basis so we encourage supporters to renew as early as possible to avoid missing out.

Please check that we have the correct address and contact information for you at the time of purchase.

All cards and parking permits are expected to be posted by the first week of August.

Not only is a seat guaranteed for every home league game (which is open to full capacity at Madejski Stadium), but it will always be the cheapest way to follow the fortunes of your club.

Even if you take up the occasional promotional offer during a ticket drive for a big game or a midweek fixture that needs added support, Season Ticket holders are promised the best value across the course of the campaign.

As a Season Ticket Holder, you automatically receive additional perks and discounts - discounts on stadium tours, cheaper upgrades to hospitality, priority for potential glamour cup ties or high demand away trips across the course of the campaign… not to mention 255 Loyalty Points accrued to your account to ensure your commitment to the club is royally recognised going forward.

Unfortunately, we have sold out of wheelchair bays. However please email or call  0118 968 1313 and press option 2  so we can discuss your needs and you to our waiting list.  We have a small number of wheelchair bays available on a match-by-match basis.

We are only offering renewals at this time up until the deadline of 5pm on Friday 25th June.

We are operating a waiting list for the Red Car Park and Disabled Car Park at a cost of £10 to join.

We cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be offered a space for next season, but you must be a Season Ticket holder to join our waiting list.  If you are offered a space in the future or you wish to leave the waiting list, then your £10 will be refunded.

If parking becomes available, then the costs will be as follows:

  • Red Car Park £230
  • Disabled Car Park £90

Club 1871 has been moved to Gate 9 to help join the atmosphere together with the East Stand. Visiting Supporters will now enter via Gate 10.

Club 1871 Season Ticket Holders from 2019-20 should ignore any reference to seat details when renewing. The area will remain unreserved seating and your seat will be moved into Gate 9 prior to any Season Ticket card being printed.

Anyone who doesn’t renew will need to contact our sales team to request a Member Card in time for next season.  The membership fee will be waived.

Please phone our sales team on 0118 968 1313 we will be able to replace your card. There is a £3 administration cost.

Yes – for the 202122 season we will continue the policy of allowing Season Ticket holders to upgrade their Season Ticket a maximum of 3 times, plus evening games.

Season Ticket holders can do this by phoning the sales line on 0118 968 1313 and paying the appropriate upgrade fee.  Supporters are advised to do this in advance of matchday to avoid matchday queues. Upgrade prices will be confirmed once matchday prices have been announced.

Yes. Your request must be submitted in writing, advising of the following information:

  • Your name, member ID, address, contact details (email and telephone number) and date of birth.
  • The name, any existing member ID, address, contact details (email and telephone number) and date of birth of the supporter to which the Season Ticket is to be transferred.

Upon receipt of this information, we will transfer the Season Ticket in to the new supporter’s name. We will also need to charge the difference between the renewal price and new price. Any loyalty points accrued on your account will be retained by you; they are not transferable. Any loyalty points attributed to the new sale will be awarded to the new Season Ticket holder as appropriate.

Your letter can be sent to Reading Football Club Ticket Office, Madejski Stadium, Junction 11 M4, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 0FL, or emailed to

All Season tickets are sold subject to availability and issued subject to Reading Football Club’s terms and conditions and the Club’s Ground Regulations: