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4-Match Ticket Bundles

4-Match Ticket Bundle prices (Members only)
Maximum 2 Bundles per person per season
All areas (except Upper West) 4 game price
4-Match Bundle price
Price per game
Potential saving per match
Adult* £92 £72 £18 £5
65 & Over £60 £44 £11 £4
18-24* £40 £28 £7 £3
17 & Under* £28 £20 £5 £2
Upper West
4 game price
4-Match Bundle price
Price per game
Potential saving per match
Adult £120 £96 £24 £6
65 & Over £80 £60 £15 £5
18-24 £68 £52 £13 £4
17 & Under £56 £40 £10 £4

*No saving or reduced saving within Eamonn Dolan Stand and South Stand.

Supporters can save up to £24 (£6 per match) when purchasing a 4-Match Ticket Bundle. As a Bundle holder, supporters will have the flexibility to choose any home league fixture, subject to availability and on sale dates.

Ticket Bundles are only available to Member Card holders and strictly limited to two Bundles per member per season.  Bundles are not available for the 12 & Under age group.

Once you purchase a Bundle, you can then go back into your account online which will allow you to choose which games you would like as part of your bundle. If the match you want is not yet on sale, you can return to your account at a later date and add it as one of your matches. 

No upgrades shall be available from the particular Ticket Bundle purchased, so that, for example, if a Member purchases an Upper West Stand Bundle, their 4 matches are only valid in the Upper West Stand. If a Member purchases a Bundle for East Stand, West Lower Stand, South Stand (Club 1871) or Eamonn Dolan Stand, then they cannot select Tickets in the Upper West Stand.

How to buy
In person: visit the Madejski Stadium Ticket Office during our opening hours
By phone: ring the Ticket Office on 0118 968 1313
Online: Follow the instructions below.

How to buy a 4-Match Ticket Bundle online

  1. Head to and log in to your account.*
  2. Select which section of Madejski Stadium you would like your Bundle, and select quantity to ‘1’.
  3. You can then proceed to checkout and pay for your Bundle.

*You must be a Member Card holder to purchase a 4-Match Ticket Bundle.  For more information about becoming a Member, click here.

How to allocate matches to your Bundle online
Once you have bought your Bundle, please use the steps below to begin allocating your matches.  Please ensure that you have redeemed your ticket no later than one hour before kick-off for a game that you wish to attend.

  1. Head to and log in to your account.
  2. The Bundle you have purchased will be displayed on the following page.  Please click on your Bundle to highlight it yellow, and click ‘Select Event’.
  3. You will then be able to allocate your Bundle to one of the fixtures that are currently on sale. We usually have the next four upcoming matches on sale at a time.
  4. The seat selection page will be displayed, giving you the opportunity to select which seat you would like to enjoy the game from.
  5. You can select your matches one at a time, or select multiple matches by repeating the process. Once finished, click checkout and complete your purchase. Your ticket will be loaded onto your Member Card unless stated otherwise.