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⚽ Bowen | "So much hard work being put in to bring football back...but we’re all in it together, for the love of the game!"

Royals boss on the ever-progressing changes being made and how we're 'embracing all that is thrown at us'...

5 June 2020

Thanks to an incredible level of work being done right across the board within the sport - from the guidance being issued at the highest level to the practicalities being put in place on the grass of the training pitch - football is edging closer to a return. Progress is being made.

"We’ve got a bit more contact into the training this week," the Royals boss began. "Before now we’ve been training individually and now this week we have progressed into 4v4 situations.

"That’s when you can see the players thriving. They’re more used to it, and they feel like they’ve done better work. That competitiveness comes into it a bit more.

"You’ve still got to be guarded in what you do, and the timescales you spend doing it as well...and the areas that you work in. But it is progressing.

"There are always little problems for the coaches to deal with, but you embrace it and progress forward, with the aim of hopefully getting one or two friendly matches in before we go into the final week in the build up for Stoke City."

Perhaps the regular football fan is understandably underestimating the level of work which is going into bringing football back. This is not something anyone has encountered before. And at every level, it continues to take a mammoth level of thought, care, attention and unrelenting effort to take steps towards competitive football.

"This is new to everybody – managers, players, coaches, administrators," Bowen continued. "Everybody is trying to do the right things. And things change quickly. You’ll get information one day and then 48 hours later it might move on again.

"We’re all fully aware that there is a difficult job to be done by everybody, and we’ve all got to try to move along together and make sure we’re best prepared for when the season starts.

"So much goes on every day in preparation for games. There are so many things that have to be covered, and just when you think you’ve covered everything, somebody else asks a question – and sometimes you have to start again!

"But the fact remains – we’re all in it together, for the love of the game.

"We have to make sure that we get things right, make sure we’re as safe as possible and get football started again.

"We are in strange times – and we’ll embrace anything that is thrown at us."

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